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Front bumper protection is more common on vehicles of our fellow citizens. What is there more - of giving proper fashion-practical calculation - hard to judge, but rather both motivates our motorists for their "four wheels" this spectacular accessory. To a greater extent this applies to owners of solid SUVs, minivans or pickups. However, protection of the front bumper, "Chevrolet Niva" or "UAZ Patriot" (not the overall and massive cars) looks quite natural and appropriate.

Front bumper protection - aggression and security

The name of this element tuning indicates the purpose and the main task which he is called to do. The protective function literally shines through in all appearance and design of the fixture. Considering its all aspects and features of the application, it is possible to define the main "responsibility" .:

  • adds external power and solidity of the car emphasizes its status and importance in the overall transport stream;
  • protects headlights, front bumper, hood and radiator from significant damage in a minor collision with obstacles or other cars;
  • reduces the force of impact in case of accident (is a kind of shock absorber, absorbing the main shock) that could mitigate the impact for the driver and passengers;
  • statistics show that in the case of hitting a pedestrian the extent of the injuries is reduced in the presence of the power kit;
  • the lower grille of flat curved pipe protects the lower part of the body from collisions with bushes, stones, curbs.

As you can see the benefits of installing this kind of accessory can be quite a lot, especially in critical situations. For example, protection of the front bumper "Toyota land cruiser" will significantly reduce the cost of repairs after an accident. Everything has to align or replace the bumper much easier than to repair the body enough expensive car, especially if it requires replacing certain structures.

Design features services

Bumper protection is a structure of welded and bent transverse and longitudinal tubes mounted on the supporting part (frame, side members) by rigid fasteners. It may be a single circuit, to consist of separate parts and seemingly not related elements. The connectors can have different shapes, a stylistic figure and the height of the coverage of the front of the vehicle. Seem, front bumper protection "Suzuki Grand Vitara" is a tall structure with two crossbars, between which comfortably car room and the radiator part.

The connectors are made of polished stainless steel of the company Cobra, Delta, Schiessler, but the best combination of price and quality today are the Turkish model. The main element in the structure of these devices is a tube of circular cross-section with a diameter of 48, 60, 80 and 110 millimetres. Come across some types of goods and different size. Most of the range online store DDaudio made of pipes with the following parameters:

  • front connectors - 60 mm in diameter, 1.6 mm wall thickness;
  • side - 70 mm in diameter, 1.6 mm in thickness.

Some models have an additional circuit protection on all fronts "front", many of them are full of dense view, there are fairly simple and uncomplicated. In particular, the protection of the front bumper "Renault Logan" in a more concise and humble forms. These products are for the tuning can be different configurations – with teeth and without, high and low, with "ears" for the headlight, with additional optics, etc. All this gives ample opportunity for selection and application of auto accessories for Your car.

Buy power kit is inexpensive and with a guarantee

The bumper performs both protective and decorative function – gives the vehicle a personality, adds gloss and external perfection. Quality, proven over the years and thousands of users worldwide, this accessory is highly relevant to our local roads and high curbs, as well as in off-road conditions. On the basis of its main purpose - to protect the vehicle and everyone inside it, and you need to choose the shape and model of items.

Among those represented at domestic and foreign market diversity, you can meet products made of plastic or metal of unknown composition and properties. Online store DDaudio to implement offers its customers exclusively from very durable steel that will not rust over time from moisture and contact with road chemicals. This stainless material top is covered with several layers of chrome, which is highly resistant to scratching and any mechanical damage. In any case, if necessary, the surface can be easily polished.

We are not trying artificially to saturate its range of frankly cheap fake models, services, and prefer to form may in some cases single, but tested and proven product. Although many brands of machines You will find a wide field for creativity and design ideas. For example front bumper protection "Renault Duster" is available in 7 different types of devices.

On our website you can find power kits of different purposes and design. In addition to Switzerland (sometimes front and rear), You will find other items protective kit, and even railings, moldings, aerodynamic body kit, new bumpers, wheels and a huge number of other elements of tuning. To buy the bumper protection, You can in our store at the best price for You. However, we guarantee that are cheaper than us, You will not find product in any online or offline store of the country. About the quality of our products, you can't even mention - it is above all for us.

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