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How to correctly pronounce "tuning Mitsubishi"? Generally adopted at the moment Russian name tuning Mitsubishi. Although in the speech of people more often you can hear "Mitsubishi" or "Mitsubishi". In principle, according to the pronunciation rules of the Japanese language, "Mitsubishi" or "Mitsubishi" is more correct. But officially accepted the first name.

In our shop you can buy the most diverse tuning for Mitsubishi:

For tuning Mitsubishi, our company offers many accessories, with free delivery to Ukraine:

  • roof rails and roof rack;
  • chrome lining on external body parts (mirrors, handles, bumper, doors, door sills, license plate, lights);
  • vent Windows, windshield, a fly swatter;
  • patch bumper, spoiler;
  • the bumper and running boards (side sills, platforms, steps);
  • fog lights and other optics;
  • mud flaps, wipers;
  • all for tuning Mitsubishi interior (lining on the dashboard, the steering wheel, the cover on the gear shift knob, window curtains car, car seat covers, materials for soundproofing, sound).

A brief overview of Mitsubishi from our dealership tuning

Cars of world famous brands have shown a very good side on indicators such as reliability, throughput (SUV), the present (the i-MiEV electric vehicle).

The line of cars Mitsubishi fills a different price range — from budget options (Lancer X in the minimum configuration) to more expensive (Lancer Evolution X in the top configuration). It turns out that the car can get as middle income people and quite wealthy.

And whatever reliable was the car, there are always weaknesses to be aware of. Also, there are some features for the machine. Without knowing them, you can get into a not very pleasant situation. So, check our website articles on Mitsubishi, where we will analyze in detail the problems and provide solutions.

I hope, in our shop you will not only find a lot of useful information and answers to all your questions, but buy tuning on Mitsubishi.

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