The arc of the body

Very often, the tuning did not carry much practical value, and if carry, it is very minor and limited. As a rule, in the history of the development of these facilities functional load follows the basic promise of creating a accessory - external effect and the deliberate brightness. In the case of consideration such details as the arc of the body, all with exactly the opposite. First there was the economic or technical need, and then this element was a decoration and a way to give aggression to the vehicle.

The arc of the body - energy and the power of steel

Rollbar, as they called these power kits, are a design of thick-walled steel, bent or welded together, and mounted on the car to create a holistic visual image and provide a specific functional requirement. It is obvious that they must, in their dimensions, shapes and transitions are maximally correlated with the type and parameters of the body, otherwise about any aesthetic advantage may not be considered. Imbalances can contribute to imbalances in the entire mechanical system.

The traditional material for making arcs is stainless steel. Soft metals, plastics and various polymeric materials can't become an adequate substitute in connection with the deterioration of the overall design. The use of more durable metals is impractical due to the substantial appreciation of the product. Color performance is typically applied to the uncoated metal or painted in dark colors. Although this attitude may be the most unusual and original solutions. The method of attachment usually involves the creation of detachable connections with bolts or screws, you can also find all-in-one fixture by welding.

Rollbar practical side of the issue

As we already mentioned components of the use and utility in the use of arches on the car body primary in relation to decorative functions. Although current trends still talking about the shift towards the latter. Nevertheless will not be superfluous to mention how valuable these accessories:

  • the increase in fenced area at the perimeter of the body - this will allow greater loading of the vehicle;
  • protection of the vehicle and the Luggage from damage by falling objects or accidental impact, rollbar take the brunt;
  • increasing the overall stiffness of the technical compartment - reduces the likelihood of deformation of the vehicle frame;
  • the additional ability to secure loads - use for attaching belts, chains, braces, racks, etc.;
  • protection rear window and passengers from rocks and objects in the back - under heavy braking, emergency collision or from accidental stone;
  • creating supports for people in the body - although the regulations it is prohibited, but the speed, youth and adrenaline sometimes take their toll, and rollbar will only contribute to security.

Not so little "track record" for such a simple and uncomplicated tuning parts as arcs on the body. But to dwell on their stylistic role just does not make sense. It is obvious and does not require any evidence.

The company DDAudio - a guarantee of quality and reliability

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