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Sooner or later every owner of a vehicle comes to the need to hold a tuning. Grille when one first enters the field of view of the motorist. And this is the explanation. First, it is one of the most visible areas of the exterior, second, it is here that the primary contact of a moving car with the environmental factors, which can have a negative impact on the operation of the cooling system of the engine.

The tuning of the grid - the need and the value

The radiator is a crucial part of the vehicle, which determines the mode of motor. On the other hand is the most vulnerable part of the machine, as is under the constant influence of the air flow. But the workspace gets dirt, rocks, debris, and in summer they are joined by more and different insects. All this may threaten the cooler damage, wear and clogging of the intercostal space. As a result, significantly deteriorating the heat transfer, leading to engine overheating and boiling the coolant.

In order to avoid negative scenario envisaged grille. The basic design is usually cheap primitive grid that can not become a reliable barrier on the way of threats to the health of the cooling unit. With the aim of improving data protection, an additional element of protection - grille.

Let's not forget about the aesthetic properties of this accessory. Because modern tuning grille involves the use of not just a security fence, and the subject of art. This item adds new features and a characteristic facial appearance of any vehicle.

Summing up the prerequisites for using the grille on the radiator, will define the main challenges that are met in his presence at the front of the car:

  • protection from damage and loss of tightness of the radiator;
  • preventing clogging of the space between the plates and the deterioration of heat transfer;
  • giving individual and bright colors to the vehicle.

This is the main motivation for motorists when choosing this accessory.

Species diversity grids

As with any item of tuning, this item is better to choose the line offers on a particular brand of car. In this case, its form clearly fit into the configuration of the surface of the "front end" will look harmonious and appropriate. Another thing is that for one family of machines, there is a lot of offers from different manufacturers. It happens that a rare stamp is difficult to find the "native" option. Then have to start from the existing available set of goods and its own preferences in this matter.

For the manufacture of radiator grilles are the standard materials that are widely presented in the assortment variety of items tuning. This ABS plastic and aluminum, chrome and stainless steel, and carbon. Their advantages and disadvantages are well known to motorists. But, perhaps, the best option still is to recognize the special alloy steel with the application of a surface layer of chromium. It has an attractive, hardy and inexpensive.

A standard universal product to protect the radiator has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 1200 x 400 mm with a flat surface and a perforated hexagonal grid structure. Individual solutions for each particular brand is much more diverse. It can be design with exaggerated profile, with spikes, broken lines around the perimeter and cutouts for the logo. The mesh configuration is presented in the form of a rhombus, honeycomb octagonal, square or regular hexagon. The cell size can range 10 - 16 - 20 - 25 mm.

All these parameters and features tuning of the radiator You will find the products presented on the pages of the online store DDaudio. In our range only from reliable and renowned brands that will guarantee trouble-free operation and long service life products. For our clients the best conditions of sales, guaranteeing a simple and reliable way to receive and pay products. To buy a grille You can without making pre-payment, we will deliver you the goods in any point of Ukraine.

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