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the mission of the overlays on the lights in the exterior of cars

Most car owners in Ukraine pay much attention to the exterior of your vehicle. Manufacturers of automotive lighting, given the high consumer demand for products from this segment offer a huge range of aftermarket accessories.

In particular, one of the most attractive additions to the external appearance of a car are front lights. Elegant  underline the corporate style of the car, nice Shine and easy installation – all this makes overlays on lights are a popular product in the domestic market.

With the advent of overlays for the tail lights the lights on the car has ceased to be a simple means of night vision and designation of its dimensions. The item that was not provided by the manufacturers of most brands of cars, started mass produced as a great alternative to the factory rear siteelements the headlights.

the Lining on the rear lights serve to perform two purposes:


  • auto protects the optics from dust, road dirt, fine gravel, etc.;
  • the
  • make the exterior of the vehicle expressive and unique, give design with a strong personality.

Materials and installation considerations

the Chrome strips on the rear lights are made of different materials. Requirements to the material is durability and the presence of a mirror Shine. Given these requirements, the most popular raw material for manufacturing chrome plates on the lights are ABS plastic and stainless steel (which, by the way, despite higher cost, best quality and longer retains its original Shine).

Chrome lining on the headlamps are manufactured individually according to the car model, so the problems with size mismatch will not arise. Will not bring trim for lamp and inconvenience during installation. The car owner should not possess a specific knowledge or tools to the element on lights. The most common variant of fastening is the use of double-sided tape. Chrome door tail lights can be fastened with sealant or glue, but using them requires precision and accuracy.

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