Kengooryatniki: how to choose, why do we need, types


Electrical connectors (kengurin, front protection, rear protection bracket) - all names for the same structure, consisting of steel tubes and rods. These products are mounted in front of or behind the car and protect the body during off-road driving and accidents. Most kengurin used for tuning vans, SUVs, crossovers and pickups, but sometimes it is set on normal passenger cars.

The bumper on the car: photo and setup.

People say front arc is one of the elements of the power kit car. Is in great demand in motorists, drum reasons – as protection of the front bumper, and as the product which adds to the aggressiveness. What to buy, you'll be able to see in our catalog. They are divided into three types:

Type arc. Made in different variations – with grill or without, high or low, wide or narrow. Mainly made of stainless steel. As there are cheaper and more economical option - with black metal painted in different colors. In Ukraine it is not forbidden, but cars with European registration - will be a more complicated procedure of inspection. Pipe diameter 51mm, 60mm or 70mm

Front of us. Installs under the bumper to protect it. Also has a lot of variations of design - single pipe, double pipe, and pipe with grill. The diameter of the pipe at your request, 42mm, 51mm, 60mm or even 70mm. We try to keep all the options. Allowed in Europe

The model with the mustache and other complex combinations. It, so to speak, already design solutions. The combination of the first and second type.

Why do we need buses?

  1. To protect the car while riding over rough terrain.

Agree, bushes, low hanging tree branches and other obstacles it is better to not RAM the freshly painted bonnet, specially provided for this attachment. In addition, without when driving on the road you risk to bend the tie rod, break a gear or split the crankcase.

  1. To reduce body damage in an accident.

Of course, it will shatter and not be subject to recovery will be, but the body damage will be not as significant as when you hit without special tools. However, there is a risk that in this case the front protection him will hurt many body parts. But it is better to mash the wings, than not know what to do with the gone with the supports of the motor. And that's about it, what damage will receive the second participant of the accident, we will not write - even if it concerned insurance company.

  1. To save the driver and passengers.

The fact that the collision's main impact energy is spent on deformation of the front or rear protection. That is, attachments is significantly softens the blow, and it not only will reduce the damage to the people in the car, but may save their lives. Therefore, if you decide for yourself that buy kengurâtnik, you should not listen to the objections of other that it is not beautiful (concept of beauty all their own), is prohibited by law (not true) or a waste of money (in our opinion, is a very useful kit).

So in conclusion, I want to give a few arguments in favor of stainless steel protection bars: they are easy to stand and look around the surrounding area, they can install additional optics and even to wind the tow rope.

Protection front bumper: principal

  • The horseshoe attachments for vans, RVS, without "ears" shaped like a horseshoe. This design protects the radiator, grille and bumper from impacts on the front and bottom.

  • Safari power kits that protect the bumper, grille, wings and headlamps. Equipped with brackets for mounting auxiliary lights.

Protection bumper front and rear protection can be made of pipes with a diameter of 28-110 mm and have a thickness of 1-3 mm.

A bit of history...

The conventional wisdom, that they owe their existence to the Australians. But in fact, for the first time this kit was created in America and was a wooden "gate", which was mounted on pickups and was called "scotobiology" (used to disperse livestock).

A little later like attachments appeared in Australia, where it was called the roo bar (translated into Russian - kangaroo-lattice). Then called Front Schutz Bugel (translated as protective arc, steel kit) it became common in Germany. And then come the CIS countries and today such designs have several names - buses, of a horseshoe, protective or power kit, front or rear protection, arc, grid, bracket, etc.

How to choose and buy the "right" bumper?

  • Price.

First, I would like to say that a quality body kit for tuning SUVs and minivans may not be very cheap. Front protection, the price of which ranges from $ 50-100 - is a fake which will not bring the car and its owner no good. The optimum value of the tuning - 200-300 dollars.

  • Design.

If you want to buy, you are advised to choose a structure with a lower lattice of tubes (teeth), which will protect the most "gentle" of the car and will not worry about the high boulders and tree stumps under the wheels.

  • Installation.

Remember, poor quality bumpers are screwed to the bumper or fastened to the channel for towing earrings. This tuning is absolutely useless - he collisions do not protect, and Carter of RPM will not close, and tow rope on such arcs to catch not for that. But the installation this is the bottom of the beam.

  • Painting.

I advise you to avoid products, the so-called painted enamel hammer mill, which at the slightest damage begins to flake. As a result, the rust will get under the coating and after the first winter attachments just to turn into dust.

  • Quality.

All welds must be performed carefully and exactly (it is easy to determine visually). And pipe bends must not be deformed and have folds.

  • Material.

Of course, the best material for the manufacture of front and rear protection is considered to be stainless steel and that is the price starts from $ 200 (in our store tuning from $ 190).

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