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Any SUV owner knows that it is very important to protect the vehicle from damage. In case you are constantly faced with various off-road obstacles, the power kit is something you cannot do without.

It is worth noting that it will reliably protect the body of the car, due to the fact that it takes the blow. Such protection will not only protect you from shocks, but also save you money in case of need for repairs.

The main features of the power kit:

  • protects the bumper when hitting a tree and other obstacles that can be found off-road;
  • easily withstands lifting with a jack;
  • the body kit has a special place for installing a winch or other optics;
  • has good towing eyes;
  • has good corrosion protection;
  • looks aesthetically pleasing on an SUV.

Everyone is looking for a way to make their car even more reliable, safe and functional. The rear arches will provide reliable protection against minor damage and give the car an attractive massive effect. Special side steps make it easier to access the interior of your SUV or bus.

Front power kits

The massive structure of a power bumper for an SUV or a pickup truck is made of a single sheet, which has the ability to bend to the desired shape. It is known that the fewer welds in a given type of construction, the more reliable and durable it is. It is also worth noting that welding does not corrode more often than solid metal.

On top of the front bumper, a kangarin is usually welded, which covers the radiator, and also often protects the headlights. Also, the kangaroo will help you easily move off-road and overcome shrubs and small trees. In order to provide the front protection of the car, the height of the kangarin should protrude slightly beyond the hood.

The bumper will provide reliable rear protection for the front of the car when hitting bumps, stumps, stones and other obstacles that can be found off-road. Most often, the power kit is equipped with a special support for the platform for the winch or rack and pinion jack.

Side power kits

In order to secure the side parts of the SUV, special side skirts are installed. The side skirts not only serve as a protective function, they also act as a support if the vehicle needs to be lifted from the side. They must be made of durable material that can withstand a lot of stress. To achieve this function, the side body kit, as well as the front one, is attached to the power parts of the SUV. Great strength is not required from the protection of the wings, so it is simply attached to the kangarin and thresholds.

Installation of power kits

Fitting the body kit is a very important part of getting your car ready for your off-road adventure. It should be noted that the power elements of the body kit not only protect the SUV from damage, but also complement it with a huge number of advantages. In case the SUV is preparing for a long off-road driving, we will help you choose the necessary body kit and install it reliably and efficiently at an affordable price!

Knowing what a power kit is, we can say 100% that this is a necessary and important part for an SUV. It is most effective for pickups that have a separate frame in the body. Frameless cars are not designed for rough terrain. If you are considering buying an SUV or you have one, be sure to consider protecting it.

Maya V2 Aluminum Pads

In addition, additional protection for a minibus in the form of a kenguryatnik is not only an attractive look for your car, but also the safety of passengers.

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