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Any owner of an SUV knows that it is very important to protect the vehicle from damage. In case you are constantly faced with various obstacles on the roads, the power kit is something without which you can not do.

It should be noted that it will reliably protect the vehicle body due to the fact that takes the hit. This protection will protect not only against shocks, but also save your money in case repairs are required.

Key features of the power kit:

  • protects the bumper when hitting the tree and other obstacles, which can be found on the roads;
  • can easily withstand the lifting Jack;
  • in the kit there is a special place for the installation of winches or other optics;
  • has good towing eyelet;
  • provides good protection against corrosion;
  • aesthetically pleasing it looks on the SUV.

Everyone is looking for ways to make my car more reliable, safe, and functional. Rear arc will provide protection from small damage and they will give the car an eye-catching effect of massiveness. Special side steps will facilitate access to the interior of your SUV or bus.

Front power kits

The massive structure of the power bumper on a SUV or pickup truck manufactured from a single sheet that has the ability to bend to the desired shape. It is known that the smaller the design of this type of weld, so it is more reliable and durable. It is also worth noting that welding is not more rust than solid metal.

On top of the front bumper is usually welded to kengurin that covers the radiator, and also often protects the headlights. Also the bumper is easy to move around on the roads and to overcome the shrubs and small trees. In order to ensure that the front protection of the car, height kengurin should be slightly beyond the hood.

The bumper will provide a reliable back protection for the front of the car when hitting bumps, stumps, rocks and other obstacles that can be found on the roads. Most often, the power kit is equipped with a special lock for a pad under the winch or a rack Jack.

Power side skirts

In order to protect the sides of the SUV are installed with special side skirts. The rapids have not only a protective function, they perform a support function in the case that you need to raise the car from the side. They must be made of durable material that is capable of withstanding great effort. To achieve this functionality, side body kit, as well as the front, mounted on the power of the SUV. From the protection of the wings does not require huge amounts of strength, so it just attaches to kengurin and thresholds.

Installation of body kits

Installing the kit is a very important part before ready for adventures on the road. It should be noted that the power components of the kit not only protects the SUV from damage, but complement its huge advantages. If the SUV is ready for a long ride on the road, we will help you choose the proper kit and install it at a reasonable price and reliable quality!

Knowing what power the kit – can 100% say that it is a necessary and important part for the SUV. It is most effective for pickups, which have a separate frame in the back. A car without a frame is not intended for driving in severe off-road. If you are thinking about buying an SUV or you have one, be sure to think about its protection.

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In addition, additional protection to the vehicle in the form of a bumper is not only attractive look for your car, but also the safety of passengers.

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