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Modern car it is impossible to imagine without such accessories like wheel covers. Buying them, the owners pursue different goals: to protect the rims and brake pads from the elements, prolong their service life, improve aerodynamics and make your car presentable. Thanks to them, the original disks for a long time retain their original appearance.
We offer only exclusive models for car Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen LT, Volkswagen Crafter.

Models for Mercedes Sprinter 1995-2006.

Equipment for odnomodovykh cars.

Are automobile covers for Mercedes Sprinter manufactured from high quality polished stainless steel. Reliable mechanical fixing with the help of standard bolts provides extra reliability and safety when operating the machine. These accessories will protect from mechanical damage and negative environmental phenomena.

Equipment for dvuhmatchevyh cars.

Kit car stainless steel hubcaps will help to deal with possible corrosion to hide the flaws of stamped disks. Front mounted using standard bolts, the rear is firmly held by plastic latches. This fixing system contains a sufficient number of clips (latches) a special form, making this method of fixation is particularly safe.

Models for Mercedes Sprinter from 2006.

Equipment for odnomodovykh cars.

This set of car hubcaps for Mercedes Sprinter will satisfy the most picky buyers. Modern design can give your car a highlight, to emphasize its advantages. Accessories made of stainless steel, fastened with plastic latches.

Equipment for dvuhmatchevyh cars.

By purchasing this set of high quality stainless steel, you can extend the life of the brake system, to hide a possible rust on wheel disks, to improve the appearance of your Mercedes Sprinter.
Secure attachment with a sufficient number of plastic clips ensure safe fixation on driving on any roads.

Accessories for Volkswagen LT 1995-2006.

Equipment for odnomodovykh cars.

Set of stylish and quality caps for Volkswagen LT will help to give your car a more pleasing appearance. Due to high quality and good quality materials – stainless steel, you will provide reliable protection of drives and braking systems from road dust and dirt.
Mount using standard wheel bolts guarantees safe transport even on bumpy sections of the Russian roads.

Equipment for dvuhmatchevyh cars.

This kit will make the wheels of your car invulnerable to road dust and litter any roads. Protecting and conserving the wheels, they extend their service life, provide protection from corrosion. By purchasing them, you will give to your car a bright personality. Mount using the standard bolt and plastic feet.

Models for Volkswagen Crafter.

Equipment for odnomodovykh cars.

The set of these accessories help you to protect the wheels from corrosion, to prevent the penetration of dirt into the brake system. A reliable bolt fasteners and high-quality material and workmanship guarantee long and safe operation of the product.

Equipment for dvuhmatchevyh cars.

By purchasing this set hubcaps Volkswagen Crafter, you will be protected from any weather conditions. Accessories will help you prevent the occurrence of corrosion, the ingress of various traffic COP. Nifty design will help to hide defects of the disc to give the car individuality. Mount with the standard bolts from the wheels, the plastic latches.

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