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This mysterious word is a deflector ... For many, it does not mean anything, someone heard something, but not in such a way as to navigate the subject, but for someone they have long become a familiar and even indispensable thing in the composition favorite machine. The latter do not need our recommendations, but for everyone else we will present this detail in all its diversity and versatility.

Automotive deflectors - types and scope

The deflector is a device used to redirect air flows in order to obtain certain advantages and practical benefits for the machine and its owner. The modern market offers a huge selection of these tools, differing in purpose, installation location, design, applicability, color performance and a number of other features. To clarify, we present in a simplified form the classification of the main devices of this type.

  1. Hood deflectors (in driver's slang "fly swatter") - installed on the front of the hood cover. Their main purpose is to protect the installation site and the windshield by directing the oncoming air flow over the roof;
  2. Windshield deflectors fall into two broad subcategories:
  • sun visors - located in the upper part of the windshield and serve to limit the zone of its contact with external natural and road factors;
  • gutters - the name speaks for itself, they are designed to effectively remove excess moisture from the viewing surface and improve visibility during rain or snow. They are mounted along the side borders of the windshield on both sides.
  1. Side window deflectors (in the commonly used version "wind deflectors") - are fixed on the upper edge of the side door frame and contribute to the natural ventilation of the passenger compartment through open windows without the negative impact of the air flow.
  1. The rear deflector is largely similar in purpose and similar in shape (adjusted for dimensions) to the windshield visors.
  1. The headlight deflector (colloquially referred to as "cilia") - the installation location is obvious here, however, as well as the purpose of the device - protection from dirt and mechanical damage to the lighting lamp.

This is the general picture that forms the range of possibilities in car tuning based on the use of deflector devices. Each of the above categories has its subspecies, performance and trademarks. All this forces a potential consumer to delve deeply into the study of consumer properties and technical characteristics of products.

Basic requirements for deflectors

Before formulating the requirements for these protective aerodynamic devices, it is necessary to determine the main tasks that they are designed to perform. Of course, each of the types of deflectors is designed to implement specific and multifaceted properties. However, their entire complex can be reduced to three main functions:

  • protection against mechanical damage;
  • limiting the influence of natural factors;
  • aesthetic transformation of the car.

Since the devices under consideration protect the outer surfaces of vehicles from stones, abrasive materials, solid objects and splinters, they must be designed for significant dynamic loads. This task is best handled by carbon deflectors, but its budget-friendly price can turn off many potential buyers. Accessories made of polymeric materials are more accessible. Moreover, they satisfy one more requirement - to be light in weight. The only thing that cannot be added to the asset of plastic automobile deflectors is their wear resistance. And the cheaper the set of devices, the worse this parameter, but here, as they say, you have to choose between two evils. Well, the appearance is a matter of taste for each individual buyer.

The right choice of deflector is the key to carefree operation

First of all, before going to the store and visiting the Internet site, you should decide whether you need the most complete set of car deflectors, whether they will suit your model, or whether you should focus on individual protective elements. The choice of preferred material and method of fastening must be clearly matched to your expectations and budget. And only by giving an answer to the basic questions for yourself, you can pay attention to the stylistic design and color scheme.

But even the right approach and rational constructive solution does not always guarantee a positive result. There is always a chance to run into a fake and homemade goods. Therefore, you should not be torn between different offers when there is an old reliable supplier of auto accessories - DDAudio. We sell only original products from leading manufacturers. We can assure you that you will not lose either in price, or in delivery time, or in the convenience of obtaining deflectors for your car.

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