All for tuning cars from wholesale company Digital Designs

Tuning cars, SUVs, minivans.

shop DDaudio, owned by the company "Digital Designs Ukraine", offers tuning for foreign cars and domestic cars: passenger cars, commercial cars, SUVs, minivans.

  • Aerodynamic body kit and a power;
  • chrome packages
  • interior lining;
  • covers and the knobs on the gearbox, the seats;
  • materials for noise and vibration control;
  • akvapechat and 40 000 accessories.

Digital Designs Ukraine is not just a store tuning and accessories

Our company is one of the largest in Ukraine. We don't just sell cars, and are:

Ukraine's only car audio dealer American company DD;

  • direct importer of accessories for tuning, companies OmsaLine, Carmos, Can Otomotiv, Meric, Erkul Oto, Cappa Fe, OEM, Niken and other well-known automotive companies;
  • not only retail and wholesale warehouse and a production company where you can buy the rails on the roof of vehicles, equipment, and an activator for the coating, aerodynamic body kit (bumper, deflector);

one of the largest partners of courier companies, he the biggest discount for its customers;

the company, which has technicians, installers and consultants;

  • a company that works with the best installers exterior body kit, interior tuning, sound insulation, and masters akvaprint;
  • auto Tuning and installation in our warehouse.

the official sponsor of the competitions in car audio SQ Challenge & DbDrag Racing;

5 reasons to buy in online store DDaudio

the Tuning of the car at the lowest price in Kiev and Ukraine.

We guarantee that you will not buy pads, sills, chrome package, roof rails, roof racks, mud flaps, wipers, covers, connectors, spoiler, bumper and other accessories at prices lower than ours. ALL OF OUR COMPETITORS - OUR WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS.

  • Huge range and fast delivery.

Now You can buy in a store tuning. All categories of items are always available in our warehouse. So, wherever You live, we will DELIVER GOODS in the shortest time (1-3 days).

  • Favorable conditions for wholesalers. Work on dropshipping.

You want to open your own tuning shop in Kiev, Odessa, Dnepr, Zaporozhye or any other city in Ukraine? We not only help, but also offer the best prices on the entire range.

useful Than tuning?

    • Chrome door - easy to install, do not require a service center;
    • Chrome door sills - protect staff thresholds of the car from scratch;
    • Practical and stylish trim on the rear bumper to protect from chips, scratches and scuffs;
    • If your machine is equipped with a standard black grille, offer to buy and install on the grille of decorative self-adhesive stainless steel, which are an integral part of auto-tuning;
    • Lining under the handle (melnicki) - protect the paintwork from “nail”;
    • Tired of the old door molding and rubber seal glass black? Buy moldings for Windows and doors, highlight your car in the traffic stream.

Old bar is boring? You want exclusivity? Look at the lining on the panel in the salon. In our shop a huge range of wood, carbon, aluminum!

  • roof roof not only accentuate the design of the "iron horse", but will also assist with the transport of oversized cargo, or skis. They are convenient to set any trunk.
  • Kengooryatniki, tripping and other protective kit to protect when riding on the road, collisions! Made of polished stainless steel that will surely adorn the exterior.
  • Tuning bumper and other products from steklovolokna or ABS plastic
  • Equipment for coating and more than 1000 kinds of film for coating at the lowest price in Kiev and Ukraine. For each is a great opportunity to create your own tuning Studio and the first to occupy the region in this niche.
  • auto Insulation materials, Shumoff and other brands.

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