Tuning Lexus

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It would seem - what else should be the owner of the auto premium Japanese brand Lexus? What you can add maximally equipped SUV or sedan? But you can not dwell on perfection.

And DDaudio shop specializes in this perfection. Today, the car - this is not the only way to move, but also a means of self-expression. Accentuate your character, show the flavor stand out from the crowd! Our experienced consultants will help you choose accessories to any of the Lexus models - meet the most discerning demands. The wide range we presented chrome packages from industry leaders, and at the lowest prices.

Add urban chic, or emphasize a formidable off-road potential! And our company is happy to help you with this. All accessories shown in our store always meet the latest trends in the world of automotive fashion. Claim your taste and status using the newest accents. Our products are easy to install and durable - this is confirmed by a manufacturer's warranty.


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Buying on credit


  • Initial fee - 0%
  • Purchase amount - 50 000 UAH
  • No certificates of income - only identification code
  • The contract only upon receipt of the goods on the New post
  • Loan term up to 3 years.
  • Early repayment without commissions.
  • No hidden fees.
  • An overpayment in a month is only 2.5%.

How to buy a tuning and auto accessories on credit?

  • Choose a product, click "add to cart" (purchase amount must be not less than 500 UAH).
  • Place your order as usual (but vibrative payment "Credit Market").
  • Fill out and send us by email a questionnaire which we send you after booking.
  • In an hour you will already know the decision of the credit Committee.

If the decision is positive, we ship the goods by the transport company "New Mail".

You come to the office, present a passport, ID, sign the contract and pick up your package.

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