Tuning Lexus LX 570

Most of the accessories on LX in stock in our warehouse. Possible, disassemble (ask the managers)

Lexus LX570 roof railing design 2018 (2 PCs)
Article: CXK-LE04-1002
281 USD
The set of two integrated roof...
The set of two integrated roof rails and all mounting elements. Suitable for all models of LEXUS LX570 2008 and above

Avtonakladki to handle Lexus LX570 (optional)
Article: car8251
85 USD
Avtonakladki the handles are r...
Avtonakladki the handles are released Turkish manufacturer specifically for tuning Lexus LX570 (Lexus 570). Car accessories are made of polished metal, resistant to corrosion.

Lexus LX570 Visor Niken
Article: 001TY130201
51 USD
Deflectors window company Nike...
Deflectors window company Niken some of the best on the market. Made of tinted polycarbonate. Complete 4 pieces

Lexus LX570 Deflectors (4-piece, Exclusive)
Article: WND256878
70 USD
Exclusive version of the air v...
Exclusive version of the air vents of the Windows. More wide (11cm width) than the standard (5-6cm)

Lexus LX570 Deflectors (4-piece, HIC)
Article: T58
45 USD
The high quality from the Taiw...
The high quality from the Taiwanese manufacturer. Cattle 3M

Lexus LX570 2007-2015 fly Swatter SIM
Article: SLLX5700712
94 USD
Deflector hood company SIM, un...
Deflector hood company SIM, unlike cheaper counterparts, perfectly follows the geometry of the hood

Lexus LX570 2015 - Swatter SIM
Article: SLLX5701512
94 USD
Deflector hood company SIM, un...
Deflector hood company SIM, unlike cheaper counterparts, perfectly follows the geometry of the hood

Lexus LX570 rear bumper (2008-2015)
Article: dd65076
255 USD
Protective cover of stainless ...
Protective cover of stainless steel

DDAudio Tuning company offers its customers a wide range of tuning parts and accessories for Lexus LX570.

In our store you will always be able prokonsultirovatsya to ask...

Accessories for the Lexus LX 570 that we offer

  • Roof rails, roof racks
  • Kengooryatniki, arcs, rapids and arcs to the roof
  • Chrome package and chrome lining
  • Different vents and baffles
  • Mats

In addition to the standard "everyday" accessories, we offer a unique and exclusive body kits

We offer:

  • Sets restyling (full car upgrade for 2014, and even 2018)
  • High quality body kits made of ABS plastic, replica Japanese brands WALD Modellista, Jaos, TRD

In addition, we have optics, both full-time and various tuning modifications

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