Contract offer


for zamovlennya, pridbannya, sales and delivery of goods

Tsey agreement between the FOP Zelenyuk Bogdan Stepanovich , in the distant "Seller" and the servants of the Internet site, in the lower - "Zamovnik" site https: //

The buyer, who uses the method of giving the Goods, accepts the contract of purchase and sale of goods (further - Contract) on the offensive minds.


1.1. Public offer (dalі - "Offer") - public proposition of the Seller, addressed to an unspecified number of osіb, placing the Seller's agreement to buy the goods in a remote way (dalі - "Dogovіr") on the minds, which should be included in the cіy Offer, including all Addendums.

1.2. Zamovlennya - decision of the Zamovnik to zamovite goods and yogo delivery, issued in the online store and / or ordering for the delivery and delivery of goods.


2.1. The official proposition (offer) is given below to the online store site https: whether it is a physical person (further - Buyer) put a contract for the purchase and sale of goods. Appointments are agreed to be public, tobto. E. Subject to Article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, mind the same for all buyers.

2.2. According to article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, we comply with and bezzarezhny minds of this proposition (offer), which confirms the provisions of the Contract for the purchase and sale of goods on the basis of the lower minds, the fact of registration of that confirmation of the statement.

2.4. The purchaser confirms his satisfaction and insanely accepts his mind of any proposition (offer).

2.5. Laying the Agreement (in order to accept the mind of the right Proposition (Propozation of Possibility) by the way of the design of the Consignment), the Buyer confirms the next step:

a) Buyer in full and with full knowledge, and agree with the minds of the proposition (offer);

b) allowed for the collection, processing and transfer of personal data on the minds, designated lower in the Safeguarded collection, processing and transfer of personal data allowed for the processing of personal data under the extension of the current term of the Agreement, as well as the extension of the non-binding term after the termination Of this, according to the provisions of the Agreement, the Zamovnik confirms that there are no notices (without additional notice) about the rights established by the Law of Ukraine "On the protection of personal data", about the collection of data, as well as about those that this personal data is transferred to the Seller in a reasonable manner of this Agreement, the possibility of carrying out inter-frosts, as well as for the removal of ra- hunks , assets and other documents. The Deputy will also be pleased that the Seller may grant access and transfer personal data to third persons without any additional information from the Deputy, without changing the processing of personal data. Obsyag of the rights of the Zamovnik, as a subject of personal data, is subject to the Law of Ukraine "On the protection of personal data" for information and understanding.


3.1. The price for the skin position of the Goods is indicated on the website of the online store.

3.2. The Seller has the right to unilaterally change the price for any position of the Goods.

3.3. At the time of changing the price of the Goods The seller needs to inform the Buyer about the change of the price of the Goods.

3.4. The Buyer has the right to confirm or cancel the Claim for the Goods, as the price is changed by the Seller after the Claim is issued.

3.5. Change by the Seller of the price for payments by the Buyer The goods are not allowed.

3.6. The Seller indicates the delivery option for the Goods on the website of the Internet store or informs the Buyers when making a request by the Operator.

3.7. Goiter Purchase on payment The goods are considered by the vicons from the moment of purchase of the Seller.

3.8. Payments between the Seller and the Buyer for the Goods are made in the ways assigned on the website of the Internet store in the "DELIVERY AND PAYMENT" section.


4.1. Ordering of the Goods is ordered by the Buyer through the Operator by phone: 0 99 646 25 51 or through the service to the website of the Internet store website https:

4.2. When registering on the website of the Internet store, the Buyer Goiter must provide the following registration information:

4.2.1. nickname, im'ya, according to the father's Purchase, or the person ordered by him (possessor);

4.2.2. the address for which the next delivery of the Goods (such as delivery to the address of the Purchaser);

4.2.3. Email addresses;

4.2.4. contact phone.

4.3. Name, quantity, article, price of the Goods selected by the Buyer are indicated in the Purchase box on the website of the Internet store.

4.4. If the Seller needs additional information, I may request it from the Buyer. In case of failure to provide the necessary information by the Buyer, the Seller does not bear any additional charges for the provision of such services as the Purchase when purchasing goods on the Internet market.

4.5. When making an Application through the Operator (Clause 4.1. Offer Offer), the Buyer needs to submit the information specified in Clause 4.2. tsієї Offer.

4.6. Praise by the Buyer of the minds of the Offer is due for additional input by the Buyer of additional data in the registration form on the website of the Internet store or when filling out the Application through the Operator. After completing the Application through the Operator, the data about the Purchase is registered in the Seller's database.

4.7. The buyer bears the responsibility for the accuracy of the given information when making the reservation.

4.8. The contract of purchase and sale in a remote way between the Seller and the Buyer is required to deposit at the time of the electronic registration of the application on the service website of the online store, or to see a single document confirming payment for the Goods.


5.1. Methods, order and terms of delivery of goods are indicated on the site in the section "DELIVERY AND PAYMENT". The order and the delivery of the ordered goods The buyer will wait with the operator of the Internet market at the time of the purchase.

5.2. Delivery of the goods by the authorities of spіvrobіtnikami іnternet - to the market zgіdno with the minds of delivery, abo іz zaluchennyam tretіkh osіb (perevіznika).

5.3. In case of taking away the goods, the Zamovnik is guilty of the presence of the representative of the prac_vnik of the postal vіddіlennya abo kur'єra perevіriti vіdpovіdnіst Tovaru yakіsnim і kіlkіsnim characteristics, (naming the product, kіlkіst, komplektnіst, termіn pridatnostі).

5.4. Zamovnik abo Representative of the Zamovnik pіd hour priymannya goods pіdverdzhuє svoїm pіdpisom in the sales receipt і / abo zamovlennі for the delivery of goodsіv, shcho not maє pretenzіy to kіlkostі goods, zovnіshnіm looking at the completeness of the product.


6.1. The deputy may have the right to transfer to non-exact goods at any time before the next transfer, and after transfer to non-exact goods - in the order of the minds, appointed by the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Rights of Spozhivach_v".

6.2. The return of non-exacting goods to the nelezhnoї yakostі mozhlivy u vipadku, yakshcho zberezheno yogo commodity viglyad, spozhivchі vlastіvostі, as well as a document, scho pіdverdzhuє the fact of purchase і umovlennya zaznachennogo goods.

6.3. The deputy may not have the right to move in the goods of nalezhno ї yakost і, sho ma і іndivіdualno-vyznáchenі vlastіvostі, yakshcho zaznacheniya merchandise can be vikoristaniy including Spozhivachem, like yogo addition, (including not standard, for Zamovnik’s bazhannyam, rozmіri and іnshe). Pіdtverzhennyam of that, scho the goods maє іndivіdualno-vyznáchenі vlastіvostі, є vіdmіnnіst rozmіrіv іn commodities іnshikh characteristics, scho vіzanі v іnternet-magazіnі.

6.4. Returning the goods, at the vipads, peredbachenih by law and by the Agreement, zdіysnyuєtsya for the address indicated on the website in the rozdіlі "CONTACTS".

6.5. When the Buyer’s vіdmovі vіd nepіdіkziznogo goods nalezhnoї yakostі Seller turn є koshti in rozmіrі vartostі such Goods, for a vignette vitrat vіd vіd vіd vіdkіznі druzhіv, yаkyi ієєєціє.

6.6. The change of the sumi, assigned in clause 6.5. zdіysnyuєtsya overnight with the returned goods

See return policy


7.1. The seller does not bear the responsibility for shkoda, zapodiyanu Buyers after improperly entered cards

IBAN UA823562820000026002051515441

Bank otrimuvach: PAT CB "Privatbank",

MFO 356282

(ІPN) 3360405930

Extract from EDR: No. 20380000000049592 dated February 25, 2019

Single tax payer

Not a VAT payer

Vykoristannya Tovarіv, zamovlenyh in the middle of the Service site arrived at the Seller.

7.2. The Seller does not bear responsibility for inadequacy, untimely vikonanny Zamovlen and his goiter in different cases given by the Buyer of unreliable or pardon information.

7.3. The Seller and the Buyer shall be liable for the violation of their goiter in accordance with the lawful legislation of Ukraine and the provisions of the Agreement.

7.4. Seller Abo Paretser Zlіdna Vіdpovіdalnosti Before Abo Pidnikov Neuskoannya Visikannya, Yakschko Nevikoannya є Slіdkom Force Major, Slakovin Yak: Vіin Abo Vіyskovі dіїstrus, Помина, и и інші ихінііні лихова, и и и ід ід ід відві The purchase is made after the completion of the contract. The Party, as it cannot vikonate its own goiter, negligently reminds about its other Party.


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