Contract offer

for buying, buying and selling and delivery of goods

The purpose of the agreement is official and public proposition. The Seller shall put an agreement on the purchase and sale of the Goods presented on the website __________________. Danish agreement is public, that it is valid up to Article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, and that it is the same for all buyers, regardless of their status (physical person, legal person, physical person-principal) without any extra money for one buyer. Shlyakhom ukladennya cgogo Agreement the buyer in a povnomu obsyazі priymaє agree that the order of execution of the purchase, pay for the goods, delivery of the goods, return of the goods, vіdpovіdalnostі for nebrosovіsne zamovlennya and usі іnshі agree to the contract. It is important to agree on the moment of pressing the button "Confirm the Confirmation" on the side of the registration of the seal in the "Koshik" Distribution and the Buyer's confirmation of the seal by the Seller in electronic form.

  1. Definition of terms

1.1. Public offer (dalі - “Offer”) - public proposition of the Seller, addressed to an unknown stake osіb, placing the Seller on the sale of the goods in a remote way (dalі - “Dogovіr”) on the minds, which should be in the cіy Offer.

1.2. The Good or the Service is an object to please the parties, which is the buyer’s request on the website of the Internet store and the premises of the cat, or even the Buyer’s purchase from the Seller in a remote way.

1.2. Online store - the website of the Seller at the address www. _____________ creations for arranging contracts for retail and wholesale purchase and sale on the basis of recognition of the Purchase from the description of the Goods ordered by the Seller for the help of the Internet.

1.3. Purpetets-didzdatnaya fіzichna of an individual, Yaka reached 18 rocks, Odrima іnformasyu vid sellers, pink shit of the Kodo Kupoli goods, Scho of representations on the site іntternetnno-store for Tsіlya, NOT ISHLYADY PIDSHEMITSIA. .

1.4. The Seller is a partnership with a limited liability "_Digital Designs Ukraine" (identification code 41896233), a legal person, as it was created and qualifies for the orderly legislation of Ukraine, the municipality is: 58007, Chernivtsi obl. Khotynska, bud.4d 304

  1. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The Seller wants to transfer the Goods to the Buyer, and the Buyer wants to pay and accept the Goods on the basis of this Agreement.

2.2. The date of the conclusion of the Offer Agreement (offer acceptance) and the moment of full and irrevocable acceptance by the Buyer of the minds of the Agreement shall be the date of the completion by the Buyer of the form of the agreement, issued on the website of the Internet store, for the mind of the Buyer, confirmation of the agreement in electronic form. At the time of need, for Purchasing, Contract can be issued in a letter form.

  1. Decoration

3.1. The buyer independently draws up an application in the Internet store through the form "Koshik", or by submitting an application by e-mail for a phone number, we will indicate in the distribution of contacts in the Internet store.

3.2. The Seller may have the right to inquire about the transfer of the Buyer's request at the point of departure, as in the case of the bridge, indicated by the Buyer at the time of registration of the request, or incomprehensibly, or call the suspicion of their validity.

3.3. When filling out an application on the website of the Internet store, the Buyer needs to provide the following information, which is necessary for the Seller to complete the application:

3.3.1. nickname, im'ya Purchase;

3.3.2. address, for which order to deliver the Goods (such as delivery to the address of the Purchaser);

3.3.3. contact phone.

3.3.4. Identification code for a legal entity or a physical entity of an enterprise.

3.4. Name, quantity, article, price of the Goods selected by the Buyer are indicated in the Purchase box on the website of the Internet store.

3.5. If any of the Parties to the agreement needs additional information, I may have the right to request it from the other Party. At the time of nenadannya nebhіdnoї іnformacії Pokupcem, the Seller does not carry vіdpovіdalnostі for nadannya yakіsnoї services I will buy when buying goods in іnternet-magazinі.

3.6. When making a request through the operator of the Seller (clause 3.1. Offer Offer), the Buyer needs to submit the information specified in clause 3.3 - 3.4. tsієї Offer.

3.6. Praise by the Buyer of the minds of the Offer is due for additional input by the Buyer of additional data in the registration form on the website of the Internet store or when making the Application through the operator. After the registration of the Order through the Operator, the data about the Purchase is entered to the data base of the Seller.

3.7. The buyer bears the responsibility for the accuracy of the given information when making the reservation.

3.8. Laying the Agreement, then accepting the given propositions (proponated mind giving to the Goods), with a pattern of designing the Remembrance, the Buyer confirms the step:
a) Buyer in full and with full knowledge, and agree with the minds of the proposition (offer);

b) I gave permission for the collection, processing and transfer of personal data, allowed for the processing of personal data under the extension of the last term of the Contract, as well as the extension of the non-circumstantial term after the completion of this contract. Of this, the provisions of the Buyer’s agreement are confirmed that there are no notices (without additional notice) about the rights established by the Law of Ukraine "On the protection of personal data", about the collection of data, and also about those that this personal data is transferred to the Seller with the ability to reason of this Agreement, the possibility of carrying out inter-frosts, as well as for the removal of ra- hunks , assets and other documents. The Buyer is also welcome that the Seller may grant access and transfer this personal data to third parties without any additional information. Buyer's rights, as a subject of personal data, are subject to the Law of Ukraine "On the protection of personal data" for information and understanding.

  1. Price and Delivery of Goods

4.1 Prices for the Goods and services are charged by the Seller independently and indicated on the website of the Internet store. All prices for goods and services are indicated on the website in hryvnias.

4.2 Prices for Goods and Services may be changed by the Seller unilaterally depending on market conditions. If the price is about one unit of the Goods, the amount of which is paid by the Buyer in full, cannot be changed by the Seller unilaterally.

4.3. The variance of the Goods, as indicated on the website of the Internet store, does not include the variance of delivery to the Buyer's Goods. Delivery rate for the Goods The buyer pays up to the prevailing tariffs of the delivery services (carriers) without intermediary payment by the delivery service (carrier).

4.4. The varity of the Goods as shown on the website of the Internet store does not include the variance of delivery of the Goods to the Purchase address.4.5. The Seller can indicate the orientation of delivery of the Goods to the address of the Purchase at the date of the date of purchase.

4.6. Goiter Buying on payment Goods are taken into account by the vicons from the moment of arrival.

4.7. Payments between the Seller and the Buyer for the Goods are made in the ways indicated on the website of the online store in the "Payment and Delivery" section.

4.8. When rejecting the goods, the Buyer is guilty of the presence of the representative of the delivery service (perevіznik) transvіriti vіdpovіdnіst to the Goods yakіsnim і kіlkіsnim characteristics (name of the product, kіlkіst, completeness, termіn attachnostі).

4.9. The buyer or representative of the pіd hour of acceptance of the Goods pіdtverdzhuє svoїm pіdpisom in the sales receipt / or in the zamovlennі / or in the transport invoice for the delivery of the goods, which does not have any claims to the kіlkostі goods, zovnіshnіm looking at the completeness of the product.

4.10. Pov_domlennya about vіdpravka goods with vіdpovіdny TTN number zdіysnyuєtsya for help of the VIBER messenger to the phone number, orders by the buyer.

4.11. The right of authority and the risk of vipadkovoї to spend or to transfer the Goods to the Purchase or the Representative from the moment the Goods are taken away by the Buyer at the time of delivery to the Goods upon self-delivery to the Goods at the Seller's date of delivery by the Seller to the Goods of the delivery service (transfer) was accepted by the Buyer.

  1. Rights and obligations of the Party

5.1. Seller goiter'azaniya:

5.1.1. Transfer the goods to the Purchaser at the vіdpovіdnostі to the minds of the Contract that the purchase is completed.

5.1.2. Do not give out any private information about the Purchase and do not give access to this information to third persons, for the sake of vindication, passing the legislation on and off the hour of the closing of the Purchase.

5.2. Seller has the right to:

5.2.1 Change the terms of the Agreement, as well as the prices for Goods and services, unilaterally, placing them on the website of the Internet store. All changes become ceremonious from the moment of their publication.

5.3 The purchaser of the goiter is:

5.3.1 Until the moment the Contract is signed, be aware of the terms of the Contract, the terms of the Contract and the prices requested by the Seller on the website of the Internet store.

5.3.2 At the end of the Seller's contract with the Buyer, the remainder is responsible for providing all the necessary data that unambiguously identify him as the Buyer, and sufficient for the Buyer's delivery of the promised Goods.

  1. Return to Goods

6.1. The buyer may have the right to return the Seller to the non-food product, if the goods are not satisfied with the shape, dimensions, style, color, rozmіrom, or for other reasons, you can’t beat them for recognition. The buyer may have the right to return the goods to the goods without delay 14 (chotirnadtsyati) days, not vrahovoyuchi day kupіvlі. The return to the goods is properly carried out, as well as the vіn not vikoristovuvsya and yakshko zberezheno yogo commodity appearance, spozhivchі authorities, packaging, seals, labels, as well as a rozrahunkovy document, vision of the Purchase for payment to the Goods. The transfer of goods, which do not turn on the backs, transferring at this point, shall be confirmed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

6.2. The return of the Purchaser to the goods is still due for a period of 30 (thirty) calendar days from the moment of the withdrawal of such Goods by the Seller for the benefit of the termination of the notice, the transfer of clause 6.1. Agreement, chinnym legislation of Ukraine.

6.3. Wart_st goods p_dlyagaє return shlyakhom bank_vskogo transfer to the account of the Purchase.

6.4. Return of the Goods due to the address of the Seller, charged for the account of the Purchase by the Seller of the Buyer is not accepted.

6.5. In the event of the extension of the inserted warranty line of shortfalls in the Goods, the Buyer, in particular, in the order of the line established by the legislation of Ukraine, may present the Sellers with assistance, transferred by the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of the Rights of the Spaniards". Upon presentation, it could be possible to use the nedolіkіv about free of charge, the lines on the їх usunennya are repaid from the date of the Goods' acceptance by the Seller in its order and physical access to such Goods.

6.6. The review could, transferred by the Law of Ukraine "On the protection of the rights of citizens", to pass through the Seller for the Buyer's consent to the documents transferred by the lawful legislation of Ukraine. The Seller does not charge for the shortfall of the Goods, as a result of the damage caused by the Buyer's transfer to the Buyer, the Buyer rules for the collection of the Goods, which is the third rule or non-separable force.

6.7. The buyer does not have the right to change the goods on the basis of the property, which may be dual-signed power, as the designations of the goods can be made by the Buyer, such as yogo addition, or else). Pіdtverzhennyam of that, scho the goods maє іndivіdualno-vyznáchenі vlastіvostі, є vіdmіnnіst rozmіrіv іn commodities іnshikh characteristics, scho vіzanі v іnternet-magazіnі.

6.8. Returning the goods, at the vipads, forwarded by law and cim by the Agreement, zdіysnyuєtsya for the address indicated on the site in the rozdіlі "Contacts"

  1. Vidpovidalnist

7.1. The Seller does not bear responsibility for the damage, the zapodiya Buyers, or third persons due to improper installation, victoria, collection of the Goods from the Seller.

7.2. The Seller does not bear responsibility for inappropriate, untimely vikonnanny Zamovlen and his goiter at random given by the Buyer of unreliable or pardon information.

7.3. The Seller and the Buyer shall be liable for the violation of their goiter in accordance with the lawful legislation of Ukraine and the provisions of the Agreement.

7.4. Seller Subtzets Zville VID Vidpovydalosti for the whole of Abo Obstkov’s innocent of his zobov’s, Yakshcho innocent of the Fores-Majoric Yak: VIINA ABOISOKOVI, REMOVION, ON THE INSHILS INITY VIKHILY VIDIVILE VIKILED VIDILE VIDILE VIKILELLY VIKILELLY VIKILELLY VIKILELLY VIKILELLY VIKILELLY VIKILELLY VIKILELLY VIKILELLY VIKSILLY VIKSILLY VIKILELLY VINICHILE OF THE INST The purchase is made after the completion of the contract. The Party, as it cannot vikonate its own goiter, negligently reminds about its other Party.

  1. Confidentiality and protection of personal data.

8.1. By submitting your personal data on the website of the Internet store during registration or registration, the Buyer gives the Sellers their voluntary work for the processing, vindication (including transfer) of their personal data, as well as the submission of other data, the transfer of personal data by the Law of Ukraine ”, without obezhennya termіnu dії takoї zgodi.

8.2. The seller of the goiter does not speak out the purchase information. It does not matter if the Seller has violated the Seller's information to the counterparties and third persons who are on the basis of the contract with the Seller, including for the purpose of judging the goiter before the Buyer, as well as in case of violations, if the disclosure of such information is established by the regional legislature.

8.3. The buyer bears the responsibility for maintaining his personal data in the current state. The Seller does not bear responsibility for the lack of accuracy or failure to comply with his goiter and the connection with irrelevant information about the Purchase or the lack of validity.

  1. Other mind

9.1. This agreement has been laid down on the territory of Ukraine and dіє vіdpovіdno to the dignified legislation of Ukraine.

9.2. We argue that we are blaming the Buyer and the Seller, they are violating the way of negotiations. In case of inability to regulate the disputed supply of the way of negotiations, the Buyer and/or the Seller may have the right to appeal for resolution of the dispute before the judicial authorities, obviously, to the proper legislation of Ukraine.

9.3. The Seller has the right to make changes to this Agreement unilaterally, referred to in clause 5.2.1. Agreement. In addition, amendments to the Agreement may also be made for the mutual benefit of the Parties in the manner prescribed by the proper legislation of Ukraine.


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