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for replacement, handling, sales and delivery of goods


Tsei contract mіzh FOP Pavlo Leonidovich Rabinovich , in the former "Seller" and we will use the services of the Internet site, in the former - "Zamovnik" site https: //

The buyer, acting on the basis of the goods, accepts the contract for the purchase and sale of goods (dal - Contract) on the offensive.



1.1. Public offer (dal - "Offer") - a public offer of the Seller, addressed to the unassigned stake of the seller, the agreement with the Seller of the purchase agreement for the sale of goods in a remote way (dal - "Contract") on the minds of the offer.

1.2. Replacement - the decision of the Deputy to replace the goods and their delivery, issued in the online store, and / or additionally for the preparation and delivery of the goods.



2.1. The website https: is provided below the official offer (offer) for the online store, be it a physical person (who is the Buyer) to set up contracts for the purchase and sale of goods. The values of the contracts are published, tobto. E. According to the article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, give the same opinion for all buyers.

2.2. It is known from the article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine to the general and careless minds of this proposition (offer), which is approved by the agreement on the purchase and sale of goods on the basis of proponated lower ideas, and the fact of formalization and registration is confirmed.

2.4. To the registration The customer pidtverzhu uzgodzhennya and madly accepted by him the minds of the whole proposition (offer).

2.5. Establishing a Contract (so that you accept and agree with the Proposition (Proponation of Possibility) by means of a designation), the Buyer will approve:

a) The buyer is fully aware, and is suitable for the minds of the proposal (offer);

b) wins yes, sent to the collection, processing and transfer of personal tributes to the minds, which are lower in the Checked for collection, processing and transfers of personal tributes, sent to the processing of personal tributes for the necessary duration of the necessary term as well as the agreement Krym, according to the Agreement The deputy pidtverdzhu, who knows about the rights established by the Law of Ukraine "About the seizure of personal donations" the whole Agreement, the possibility of carrying out vzaєmorozrakhuniv, as well as for the removal of rakhunks, acts and other documents. The deputy also has the opportunity to wait for the time, so the Seller has the right to grant access and transfer of his personal tribute to third persons without any additional information. The deputy, who does not change the process of processing personal tributes. Obsiag of the rights of the Deputy, as a sub'ukta of personal tributes, according to the Law of Ukraine "On the protection of personal tributes" to those who see them and intelligence.



3.1. The price for the skin position of the Product is indicated on the site of the Internet store.

3.2. The Seller has the right to unilaterally change the price for the position of the Goods.

3.3. If you change the price for the replacement of the Product, the Seller of the crop should inform the Buyer about the change in the price of the Goods.

3.4. The Buyer has the right to confirm or annul the Submission of the Appointment for the Goods, as the price has been changed by the Seller after the Submission of the Appointment.

3.5. Payment by the Seller of the price for payments by the Buyer The goods are not allowed.

3.6. The Seller will order the delivery rate for the Goods on the website of the Internet store, or if the Buyers are issued with a replacement by the Operator.

3.7. Zobov'yazannya Buyer for payment The goods are vvazhayutsya viskonany at the time of delivery to the Seller.

3.8. Rozrakhunki between the Seller and the Buyer for the Goods shall be accepted by the methods indicated on the website for the Internet store in the section "DELIVERY AND PAYMENT".



4.1. Replacement of the Goods by the Buyer through the Operator by phone: 0 99 646 25 51 or through the service of the website of the Internet store website https:

4.2. When re-staging on the website of the Internet store, the Buyer of crops will contact the following information:

4.2.1. prisvishche, іm'ya, according to the father of the Purchaser, or the specimen indicated by him (won);

4.2.2. addresses for delivery of the Goods (delivery to the address of the Purchaser);

4.2.3. E-mail addresses;

4.2.4. contact phone number.

4.3. Name, number, article, price of the desired Buyer The goods will appear in the cat Buy on the site of the online store.

4.4. If the Seller needs additional information, he has the right to request it from the Buyer. If the Buyer does not provide the necessary information, the Seller is not responsible for giving the Buyer a good service when purchasing goods from the Internet market.

4.5. When making out the Change through the Operator (clause 4.1. Offer price), the Buyer of the crop should contact the information specified in clause 4.2. tsієї Offers.

4.6. Praise by the Buyer of the minds of the Offer, please, ask for additional information that the Buyer has entered into the re-registration form on the website of the Internet store, if the Submission is made out through the Operator. Submission of registration of the Order through the Operator of the data about the Buyer shall be re-structured in the data base of the Seller.

4.7. The Buyer is not responsible for the authenticity of the given information when making an Application.

4.8. The contract of purchase and sale by a remote method between the Seller and the Buyer will be placed at the time of electronic registration of a replacement for the service of the website of the online store, or the issuance of a document, which confirms the payment for the Goods.



5.1. Methods, procedure and terms of delivery of goods are indicated on the website in the section "DELIVERY AND PAYMENT". The procedure for the delivery of the purchased goods to the Buyer through the operator of the Internet market at the time of the purchase.

5.2. Delivery of the goods will be done by the power of the spіvrobіtniks to the Internet - the market is szgіdno from the wisdom of delivery, or from the third party (pereviznik).

5.3. In case of rejection of the goods, the Deputy is guilty of the presence of the representative of the official of the postal approval, or the rate of reconsideration of the goods with respect to the characteristics, (selection of the goods, number, completeness, term).

5.4. The deputy of the deputy of the deputy of the deputy of the deputy for the hour of receiving the goods on the basis of his own receipt in the sales receipt and / or for the delivery of the goods, as long as there is no claim for the goods, calls for the completeness of the goods.



6.1. The deputy has the right to introduce the non-excisable goods at any hour before the transfer, and after the transfer of the non-excisable goods - in order and on the minds of the Law of Ukraine "About the zakist of the rights of the patient."

6.2. The turnover of non-excisable goods of proper quality is possible at a vypadku, as well as saved the goods viglyad, sozhivchі power, as well as a document that confirms the fact of purchase і explain the replacement of the designated product

6.3. The substitute does not have the right to think about the goods of proper quality, but who are not the only ones who do not have the right to take into account the values of power, if the meanings of the goods can be victorious. On top of that, the goods are individually-viznachenі vlastivostі, іdmіnnіst rozmіrі in the goods and the characteristics that are indicated in the online storeі.

6.4. The turnover of goods, at the vipads, transferred by the law and by the Agreement, go to the address indicated on the site in the distribution of "CONTACT".

6.5. When the Buyer is prompted by a non-excisable product of proper quality, the Seller has turned the price in the form of such a Product, with the blame of the seller's vitrat for the delivery of the goods, which can turn.

6.6. The sumi turnover specified in clause 6.5. look at the turn of the goods at once



7.1. The seller did not have any evidence for the Skoda, which was coincided with the Buyer in the case of an incorrectly specified card

IBAN UA253562820000026002051521220

Bank otrimuvach: PAT KB "Privatbank",

MFO 356282

(ІПН) 3354306018

Vipiska z ЄDR: No. 20380000000051154 dated 09.24.2019.

Paysite є one tribute

Not є paid by PDV

Vikoristannya Tovarіv, previously replaced in the boundaries of the Service, the site was found by the Seller.

7.2. The Seller is not aware of the unreliable, unreasonable vikonannya Zamovlen and his crops in the event that the Buyer gives an incomplete or merciful information.

7.3. The Seller and the Buyer are responsible for the performance of their crops, according to the proper legislation of Ukraine and the provisions of the Agreement.

7.4. The seller or the Buyer is affected by the reason for the outside, or the part of the failure of his crops, as well as the failure to register due to force majeure circumstances, such as: because of the reason for the sale of the situation, the earth The buyer pislya the arrangement of the contract. The party, as you can’t visit your crops, will inadvertently look at the party.



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