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At the bottom of the page, you can read about what is the difference between protective covers for handles of different manufacturers. To learn the specifics of installation and operation that are not in the instructions to the accessories.

Steel protection handles Nissan Primera III (set of pads)
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24 USD
Steel protection handles made ...
Steel protection handles made in the form of overlays, which are mounted on top of the regular pens. Accessories are for tuning Nissan Primera III. Manufacturer - Turkey.

Chrome package to handle Fiat Fiorino (4 pads)
Article: car8063

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21 USD
Chrome package on the handle -...
Chrome package on the handle - a steel lining that using double-sided tape pasted on top of the factory products. Made of polished stainless steel, chrome-plated and geometry are only suitable for tuning Fiat Fiorino. The set - 4 pieces.

Covers for handles Premium Dacia Logan II (4 pieces)
Article: car8052

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20 USD
Covers for handles premium tun...
Covers for handles premium tuning Dacia Logan II - a stylish steel accessories that will protect the surface from abrasion staff handles and damage. Products do not rust, do not climbed, and do not lose their original appearance for many years.

You are unique and your car must match you. To make it different from others, chrome door handles will help - inexpensive, but stylish and practical accessories. Today you have a real opportunity to buy them at the lowest price in Ukraine.

When do you need door pads for car handles?

  1. The first case is when the owner of the car wants to get individuality.

Steel and chrome plated plastic accessories look great on any body color. But they stand out especially on black, white, red cars.

  1. The second case is the protection of standard door handles.

Chrome stickers (so called due to the self-adhesive base), installed immediately after purchasing the "iron horse", are able to protect the factory body elements from any external influences:

  • scratches from female claws and stones flying out from under the wheels,
  • erasing paint from constant rubbing,
  • staining due to chemicals that we generously sprinkle on our roads in winter.
  1. The third case is the pre-sale preparation of the car.

Agree, you always want to sell a car more expensive, or at least make it look decent and no worse than its counterparts. We polish the paintwork, hide the corrosion on the body, but forget about such details as door handles. But they are subject to constant influence of negative factors, with frequent use they are covered with scratches and scuffs. It looks completely unpresentable. Install a set of inexpensive handle protectors and be amazed at how the look changes.

Comparative table of protective chrome strips for door handles from different manufacturers

Manufacturer Material Thickness Equipment Installation Features:
Omsa (Turkey) Italian stainless steel 0.7 mm A set of overlays, American tape 3M, primer Installation - on adhesive tape, ideally fits in geometry, placed without gaps Do not magnetise
Carmos (Turkey) Turkish steel 0.5 mm Cover kit, double-sided tape Installation - on adhesive tape, placed with small gaps, correspond in geometry to standard handles Magnet

Also, both Turkish factories produce plastic stickers for pens. The surface of the products is covered in several layers with chrome (Omsa - 3 layers, Karmos - 2 layers).

Chrome trim on the body of Omsa door handles: features and benefits

  • Corrosion resistant.

Italian stainless steel is of very high quality. It is from it that world-famous kitchen accessories are made. Therefore, do not hesitate. She is not afraid of our snows and blizzards, heat and downpour. Its performance has not changed over the years. You can clean with any chemical means - the linings will withstand everything. Just use a soft cloth, as abrasives can leave barely visible scratches (although they are easy to polish and the accessories look like new again).

  • Quality.

Today's Omsa body kit embodies the latest advances in tuning accessories. This allows the brand to take a leading position in the production and export of linings to different countries of the world, including Ukraine. Therefore, the high quality of all Omsa auto products is an axiom that has not needed proof for a long time.

Carmos handle covers

Secrets of installing chrome trims on car door handles

  • Adhesion to the surface is achieved within half an hour. However, the first 3 days, you need to use the door trims carefully. Do not wash your car during this period.
  • The body of the pen must be dry and clean. For better adhesion of the decals to the surface, wipe the plastic with alcohol or other degreasing agent.
  • All work must be carried out at a temperature not lower than +18 degrees. If it is colder indoors or outdoors, warm up the tuning accessories and pens with a regular hair dryer.

Several "FOR" to buy protective pads for tuning handles from us

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Having bought chrome pads for car handles in our online store, you will not be left alone with your questions - you can always contact specialists online regarding installation, operation and maintenance features.

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