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Purpose and benefits of overlays on the grille

the Chrome strips on the radiator grille was created to protect the car from hitting small pebbles and dirt, and therefore, are designed to protect its elements from scratch. Another important role chrome grille – giving the exterior of the machine with a strong personality. In addition, the chrome trim will help disguise existing imperfections the car body.

 Compact size and ease of mounting of the parts on the front bumper – is not a complete list of its benefits.

the Lining on the grille have the following advantages:

  • long-term preservation of the original appearance without the need of specific care;
  • the
  • the chance to provide redirection of the air flow, thereby reducing the temperature of the internal devices used for cooling (this prevents heating of the coolant);
  • the
  • resistance to moisture and UV rays;
  • the
  • a variety of styles, attractiveness and versatility of designs.

Order the chrome strips on the arches or radiator, the car owner gets stylish tuning cars at an affordable price.

Materials and installation considerations

Chrome lining on the grille are made of:

  • ABS;
  • the
  • steel-stainless steel.

Made pads on the bars depending on the specific brand and model of the vehicle (for customer convenience, all items in our catalog are sorted according to this parameter). Through this approach, the decorative chrome lining on the grille are kind of a continuation of regular lattice and do not bring discomfort when it is installed.

For installation details on the grille don't need a special tool. Only required double-sided tape ZM (note that some items from the catalog are attached with special brackets supplied by the manufacturer complete with detail).

the Ordering of pads in online store

on sale online store DDaudio a wide selection of grills on the radiators for different car brands. We offer efficient service, assistance in the selection and efficient processing of orders and their delivery in Kiev and regions of Ukraine.

Order products in our shop tuning can wholesale and retail. We offer to buy products from different price segments, which allows to highlight the stylish exterior of the car and save your budget!

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