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On the one hand, the bumper performs an important protective function, on the other hand, it occupies a prominent place on the car body. And if it has serious flaws, it immediately catches the eye and makes the appearance of the car unattractive. Experienced motorists know that there are no trifles in the process of driving a vehicle. So chrome on the bumper will come in handy both for beauty and for practical purposes.

Chrome on the bumper - a light touch in the improvement of the car

It's no secret that in emergency situations and in collisions, the bumper is the first to take on the main impact force. Even after the most insignificant contacts, dents, cracks, and deformations appear on it. Moreover, manufacturers often save on this part. And this significantly increases the risk for the protective element and for the machine as a whole.

For the reasons described, motorists prefer to reinforce the bumper with special pads that increase its rigidity and remove it from direct contact. In addition, they protect this part of the technical equipment from careless handling, transported baggage, and accidental impact. Aesthetic considerations also play an important role in the decision to retrofit a car. In this regard, of course, chrome overlays have no equal among similar products.

Choice of bumper pads

Today, in the autotuning market, you can find a variety of accessories for the modernization of equipment. This fully applies to the bumper pads. Therefore, it would be appropriate to mention the various options and versions of this part, as well as draw up an algorithm for making a decision in favor of purchasing a particular product.

  1. First of all, we formulate the main task: tuning or protection.
  2. We decide to retrofit only the front or both (front and rear) bumpers.
  3. We choose the material of the product. Among the whole range of raw materials used can be called stainless steel, rubber, plastic. They are used in their pure form, in various combinations or with additional elements, such as, say, chrome plating.
  4. Decide on the type of overlay. It can be a universal part that can be applied to almost any vehicle. Or maybe a product for a specific brand and model. The latter are favorably distinguished by copying the geometry and general style of the front of the car. This makes the additional element natural and harmonious.
  5. We set the price range of our purchase.
  6. We are looking for a reliable supplier and the best conditions for receiving goods. Here, DDAudio is the leader of the domestic market for the sale of auto accessories.

For chrome overlays - to DDAudio

Whatever means of protection and decorative design of the bumper you prefer, you can be sure that you will find them on the pages of our website and on the shelves of our warehouse. Quality from leading manufacturers, direct deliveries from manufacturers, competitive prices and convenient service - everyone who wants to improve their "iron friend" will find all this by contacting our company. When choosing linings, most customers prefer to install chrome on the car bumper. And in our online store they find a huge selection of products of this type. However, we also satisfy the most sophisticated requests of tuning enthusiasts.

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