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How to choose mud flaps

Without mudguards it is impossible to imagine any car. Accessory is not only practical, but also decorative function. It protects the body from damage, puts the car more aesthetic. The car looks more modern. The greatest demand among car owners use original universal mud flaps, suitable for any car (there are rubber and plastic products).

Functional features

Every car must be equipped with mud flaps. This rule is spelled out in the rules of the road. 

Based on the method of installation and purpose, nozzles vary in types. There are:


  • front mudguard;
  • the
  • rear mud flaps

the Front mudguard universal answer for protecting the underbody of the vehicle from gravel and other hard road debris Bouncing off the tires. Second do not allow stones, dirt and dust bounce off the rear wheels — to protect moving behind the car. 

you can Buy universal mud flaps as is for your own safety and for the protection following behind the car (the presence of mud guards will make the trip more comfortable for all drivers). 

design features

depending on design features, lockers are:


  • of the individual (they fit to cars of certain makes and models);
  • the
  • universal (no matter what type and model of vehicles for which they are acquired).

In the online store “Ddaudio” you will see single and multi-pads.

mud Flaps universal — this is the best choice for those owners of those vehicles that were taken out of production. And you get genuine parts and accessories is a complex and daunting task. The division of the universal variations perhaps only one symptom of — body type. Universal small overlaps for normal sedan is not designed for installation on a massive crossover (they need to buy larger pads) — the important machine dimensions. These pads have a simple and sleek design. They are equipped with the most simple design of the attachment. 

Buy the original automotive accessories and components you can both on the wholesale and retail prices. Delivery is carried out not only in Kyiv, but also in any other region of Ukraine. 

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