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For some motorists, the design of the vehicle`s appearance is almost an art. Most often, the car is decorated with bright chrome details that give solidity and make the car stand out from the gray mass. In this article, we suggest paying attention to the chrome trim for fog lights.

Audi Fog Light Pads

What are chrome strips for?

The main purpose of chrome trims for foglights is to make the exterior of the car more refined and attractive. In addition, this accessory prevents road dirt and dust from entering the gaps. If the car already has tuning additions, then installing the attachment will make the appearance more complete and unique.

Fog lights ML164

What materials are they made of

Shiny elements are available in ABS plastic or stainless steel. Plastic pads have good characteristics and if you look after them, they will last long enough. Stainless steel parts have higher strength, but their price is correspondingly slightly higher. Each set of tuning accessories for optics is made individually for a specific car model.

Plastic chrome lining

Installation of overlays

Even a novice car enthusiast can handle the installation of linings, for this it is not necessary to have a certain skill or own a special tool. The most common type of installation for chrome parts is with double-sided tape, which can be supplied in the kit. There is also the option of fastening with a sealant or glue, but this method is less common because it takes more time. When installing a chrome-plated element, work must be carried out at a temperature not lower than +10 degrees. If necessary, it is recommended to warm up the tape and the part with a hairdryer.

In addition to overlays for foglights, chrome elements also exist for the following optics:

  • Headlights

BMW headlight covers

  • Rear lights

Foot pads Toyota

  • Fog optics

Chrome on tumanki

  • Turn signal repeaters

Turn signal repeater chrome

You can buy chrome pads for foglights for your vehicle in our online store. We have a large assortment, and the prices will pleasantly surprise you.

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