The trim on the trunk lid

Strap on the number of Mercedes CLK / W208, steel
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Seek tuning for Mercedes CLK /...
Seek tuning for Mercedes CLK / W208? Strap on the number provided in our store tuning - this is the finishing touch that will add integrity to the updated design of the car. Us Omsa made of steel.

You do not care about the appearance of the vehicle and provide an impression on the members of the movement? You want to make new colors in the generated image? How do you do it?

To create a unique and unique appearance of your "iron horse" is quite simple – install on your car the chrome lining. Among the large diversity of this group of accessories, pay attention to the ones that will give new touches and shape the rear of the machine.

The trim on the trunk lid - accessory

Many owners of vehicles use pads as an indispensable attribute of tuning works. Moreover, their choice is wide enough. It allows you to do a rational analysis of the ratio of producer - price - quality and to choose styling and protection. This fully applies to the lining on the trunk lid.

High-alloyed grades of stainless steel, Chinese "sort" or "it seems from afar," ABC-plastic materials offer many. It is better not to save, because it affects the stability of the plates to atmospheric agents, impact loads, temperature factors, etc. the Variety of designs can also satisfy the most demanding tastes of car owners: universal for different brands of cars, specific models with brand logos, engraved, for further painting in body color, corrugation, etc.

Different types of equipment allow you to choose lining car as a single part or a complete set of all the regular details (plus installation instructions and a special double sided tape for mounting work). Of course, the best option would be a complete solution, but a separate element trim on the trunk lid will look very harmonious and attractive.

Trim on the rear door or the trunk is significant in a small

This accessory is both fashionable decoration and practical item of external tuning. What is the benefit of this detail?

  • gives off a car in the total mass of others.
  • attracts the attention of participants and observers of the road. According to experts, this greatly reduces the risk of various accidents.
  • tight fastening helps to preserve body covering from scratches, rust and deformation.
  • visually highlights a number plate in all light conditions and protects it from the damaging effects of different nature (atmospheric, mechanical, chemical, etc.).
  • can help to disguise the installation of illumination of the room.

As you can see not so simple as it seems at first glance, the trim above the number on the trunk of the car.

Best offer linings in the domestic market

DDAudio the company constantly monitors global trends in the field of tuning to ensure that our customers always could get the latest auto industry without delay and without intermediaries. Our web site is constantly expanding and already large range of automotive plates. Stylish and modern accessory will be a boon for your "fighting friend" and will long please You and Your family a spectacular view in traffic or in the Parking lot. Hurry up to study our resource types and means of protection and to make the right choice in favor of reliable and not burdensome for the budget acquisition. The trim on the trunk lid from DDAudio - the best recommendation for caring driver.

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