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Tuning the thresholds is primarily a tribute to automotive fashion, and then useful detail on Your machine. The thresholds to account for the bearing capacity in the design of the vehicle. Their status depends on the stiffness and overall impression of the "four-wheeled friend". That is why car owners often resort to equipping thresholds for more expressive and functional means.

Tangigue thresholds - types and methods

Opportunities to customize the look and upgrade the sills are not as wide as may seem at first glance, however, quite diverse in its execution. The total mass of the body kits it is possible to allocate three basic directions for their tuning, which in a large assortment presented in the online store DDaudio.

  1. Plastic lining (skirts or aprons).

Are installed in the clearance between the wheels, adhering trevoy part of the rapids. In addition, these devices lend a sporty and dynamic look to the vehicle they can find and quite practical advantages:

  • improvement of the aerodynamics due to the arranging direction of the flow of air, and thus avoids the occurrence of turbulence and increases downforce;
  • preventing damage and premature wear by reducing contact with environmental factors;
  • the extension of the service life of the body and no need for premature repairs that may occur from falling rocks, hitting obstacles, and accordingly corrosion of the metal.

Thus, this avtoaksessuary can do a good service even then. When it does not expect this element of the kit. The traditional material is plastic, however, there are aluminum products. Typically pads need to be painted the color of the car, which is on top of the existing soil layer.

  1. The footboard.

Performed as three-dimensional flat structures that provide additional bearing surface for ease of boarding and Luggage loading. This is its main purpose, albeit decorative and protective components in this part are also present. Usually they are made of super-tough aluminum alloy, resistant to wear, with a rubberized surface, however, the market can be found made of other materials.

  1. Side-impact protection.

Is a hard kit tube type along the line of threshold, on which surface there are plastic or rubberized seizures. This design has the following purpose:

  • protect your hull in possible accidents and breakdowns;
  • prevent damage thresholds in case of accidental hitting the curbs, contact with solid surfaces, departures stones;
  • provide the convenience of landing and loading.

In addition, they play a fairly prominent decorative role, especially when considered in a single ensemble with a bumper guard or arcs. The main material for this kind of products performs high-strength steel with one or more chrome coatings.

To buy the goods for tuning of the rapids quickly and conveniently

In the Arsenal of the online store has the widest range of body kits for your car. Here You can find a variety of avtoaksessuary, which is not only beautify, but also make more secure and comfortable Your "ward". Among the huge number of products can not only choose the desired model means for tuning the thresholds, but also find additional products that will perfectly fit and complement each other. All this will allow You to give a bright and unique look to Your car. It is possible without fear of loss of the presentation, performance properties or breakage of the body in a short period of time. Another advantage of shopping in our company is convenient and affordable the service of Internet sales. You can choose your preferred shipping method, payment method and discount offers on future orders.

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