Arc on the roof

Down the page to the bottom, you can read about the types of arcs on the roof, on the variation of prices, examples of designs and installation options and freight. If you are sure what type of arches you fit, then just choose your car


Arc on the roof, presented by the shop – the embodiment of reliability and practicality. And the assortment and pricing policy "digital Designs" will satisfy any car owner. You will be able to buy boxes 15-20% cheaper than the competition

Instruction on the selection of the arcs to the roof: the ratio of price to quality

In our store always a great selection of Doug on the roof of many cars. But to pick up what You need - you need to understand what options exist. So:

  • Transverse arcs to the roof
    • On normal rails (the model is called WingBar V1);
    • Integrated roof rails (WingBar V2);
    • In regular places, for cars without rails (V3 WingBar);
    • For cars without rails and full-time places (mostly sedans, WingBar V4)
  • The longitudinal arc on the roof;
    • With plastic endings;
    • With metal endings;
    • Harrisburg option is a complex structure made from bent aluminum, without the use of endings
  • The grid, ladder, roof rack.

Arc roof: what to look for when choosing?

Auto tuning offers to buy arc on the roof of aluminum. The differences are:

  • For longitudinal arcs on the roof:
    • Mount type - plastic and steel brackets. The first is designed for loads up to 60-70 kg, the second up to 150 kg.
    • Appearance - with black powder coating and chrome. What to choose - a matter of taste (for sales statistics of the most popular chrome model).
    • Manufacturer - we are car accessories Turkish brands and its own production. And our branded products the quality is not inferior to foreign analogs and even surpasses them in reliability. We produce arc on the roof of the car coated "polished aluminum", "black Mat" and "metallic" with plastic or metal stays to secure it. The maximum permissible load on them - 70-80 kg for the plastic legs and up to 150kg for metal legs.
    • If you chose Skyport type - pay attention to not get a fake:
      • The original Skyport Packed in the original box with all certificates and proprietary logos of the company;
      • In the original arcs - rubber lining is pressed into the profile, with no folds;
      • Equipped with sealing sealant
  • For transverse arcs
    • The presence of a metal key (for safety and convenience when removing);
    • Type of models to fit your requirements;
    • The material of manufacture. We recommend you to buy arc roof only aluminum!!!

How to install arc on the roof

On most of the cars arc mounted on the roof just bolt in the regular places. It is considered a normal easy installation - nothing special to describe, But there are some vehicles with complex installation. Briefly describe the details of the setup on these cars (for more information you can get from our managers by asking the advice of the installer). So:

Citroen Berlingo or Peugeot Partner 1996-2008

In models with plastic stem - there are two options with different price - setting glue (cheaper option) and the installation of special brackets (more expensive option). On the longitudinal arc Skyport and with metal legs - includes special brackets. On the transverse arc is necessary to buy

or Установка в штатные места. Рейлинги PartnerУстановка рейлингов Ситроен Берлинго

Citroen Nemo, Fiat Fiorino, Peugeot Bipper

In this car, there are two bolt holes on each leg....but only one is activated (the second being used under the original cost more than $ 300). Trickle put special pads on top of them and he is screwed. As for longitudinal and transverse arcs

Fiat Fiorino как ставятся рейлингиЦентральная ножка рейлингов Peugeot BipperCitroen Nemo подкладка под рейлинги

Fiat Nuovo Doblo 2010+ Opel Combo 2012+.

As described above, in the car the two holes, use only one! Since the end of the arc complex has a long rectangular shape - he does not become tight, round notch staff.

Fiat Doblo Nuovo Установка рейлингов

Citroen Jumpy 2007+ Peugeot Expert 2007+ Fiat Scudo 2007-2015

Installation is not difficult, but with a caveat. Included are special clips. They are inserted in a regular U-shaped bulges, and then just fasten.

Ford Connect

Installation is not complicated. Rear leg samaritana (since there is no regular rear holes).

Ford Custom

Cm. Fiat Doblo 2010+ similar setting

Hyundai H1 Starex H200 H300, Volkswagen T4, Nissan Qashqai, Kia Soul

Setting the plates on the glue. Then screwed the arc

Как клеить рейлинги Nissan Qashqai

Renault Kangoo

The average leg samaritana, not screwed

A few "PROS" to buy the arc on the roof WE have:

  • Large selection of different cars, from a cheaper to expensive;
  • Fast free shipping;
  • Online store tuning Ddaudio, bringing together a huge audience of car owners of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, has its own traditions, a part of which now can be You. For example, on the eve of holidays, many will be able to buy all discounts. Periodically, we organize various Raffles, sales and promotions. To become a member, complete the simple registration process.
  • We don't just sell quality car accessories, we sell them efficiently. And think of it as a tautology, for us, a basic principle followed always. Here You can not just buy the roof rails on the roof of the car, You will receive competent and professional advice regarding materials, production, installation and operation.
  • We save users time, maximize simplifying the procedure of search and their order.
  • Shop tuning in this year it will be 8 years. And I can confidently say that we have an excellent reputation in the market of auto accessories in the CIS and thousands of happy customers.

Производство автомобильных рейлинговОптовый склад рейлингов на автомобиль

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Buying on credit


  • Initial fee - 0%
  • Purchase amount - 50 000 UAH
  • No certificates of income - only a card of PrivatBank
  • Loan term up to 2 years.
  • No hidden fees.
  • An overpayment in a month, only 2.9% of the value of goods

How to buy a tuning and auto accessories on credit?

  • Choose a product, click "add to cart" (purchase amount must be not less than 500 UAH).
  • Place your order as usual (but choose the type of payment "Installment PrivatBank").
  • In the questionnaire PrivatBank, fill Your card number and other data
  • The Bank automatically gives You credit. If You did not work or was a failure, then type operator PrivatBank and they over the phone will enable You to function credit. And try again another rams

If the decision is positive, we ship the goods by the transport company "New Mail".

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