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the Rear lights on the car

the taillights of the car - such as a mandatory part of avtooptika as headlights. In some ways they have similar purpose but have significant differences. First of all, the rear lights are a way to inform other traffic participants about intentions and actions ahead of a moving vehicle. Through the stop lights, turn signals and tail light we inform drivers traveling behind the cars that we are slowing down or turn, indicated by its presence on the road.

the design of the rear lights depends on the model of car, but it must include the following elements:

  • turn signal (orange);
  • the
  • brake light (red);
  • the
  • marker lights (mostly red).

In the more expensive models use optional back-up alarm. It emits white light and is intended to inform that the vehicle is moving backward, and for illumination of the roadway behind. This is especially useful if you need to turn around or back out in poor visibility conditions, and if you use the rear view camera.

the Rear lights on sale always do the pair on the left and right side. This is due to design features, they cannot be interchanged. In addition, during continuous operation of the lamps, their luminous flux is reduced. It is necessary to replace both light elements, to Shine with the same power.

How to purchase taillights in Kiev?

Pick up the modern automobile optics for repairing or tuning your car will help online store DDaudio. Our selection includes headlights and taillights for many models in different versions.

Ice - lights or led rear lights are in demand by virtue of the excellent level of illumination and long service life. They have low energy and originality of design. With their help, the vehicle gains personality traits. The LEDs are fitted inside the body on a special circuit Board, so it is possible to simulate a geometric pattern. As a result, we have a large variety of designs of the rear optics.

to order a set of optics with delivery to Ukraine, you need to select the brand of vehicle, year, category tuning. From the offered assortment to choose what suits you, and click “buy”. Immediately after receipt of payment (and it can be made in any convenient form), we send the goods for shipment. All goods are in the warehouses, so you get tuned optics in the shortest time and at the best price. Nice choice!

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