Tuning Mitsubishi Lancer X (2008↗)

MITSUBISHI LANCER covers for mirrors
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Mitsubishi Lancer X pads on the handles
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Mitsubishi Lancer 10 trim the lower edge
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Mitsubishi Lancer X Stand for the number (plastic)
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Tuning body kits for Mitsubishi Lancer X wholesale and retail. Affordable rates (always lower than other auto shops in the country), free shipping, large assortment, the actual availability of the goods. Buy accessories from us and save up to 40%.

What tuning body kits for Mitsubishi Lancer X you can buy from us?

The assortment of our store, nalichiem more than 20 model and 250 generic products for Lancer:

  • Door sills Mitsubishi - not only avtoaksessuary decorative, but also protective. Sills is the most vulnerable part of the body. On them all the time the left heel scuffs, doors, and paint damage lead to corrosion and decay of the body. Door sills help to prevent this.
  • Lining on body of mirrors is very impressive looking on the Mitsubishi Lancer of any color and protect the plastic case from damage.
  • Covers on the bumpers, it's nice and practical. Where we put our bags out of the trunk after another trip to the store? Right, on the edge of the bumper. Protective steel trim is very important.
  • The salon is a flexible adhesive on the dashboard. But despite the flexibility, they are very durable. And look very cool. View photo in our catalogue.
  • Other accessories and body kits - rubber floor mats and trunk emblems and stickers, sunscreen, etc. Autostore the Range is being updated all the time.

A brief educational program about Mitsubishi Lancer X auto, Daudio

Top of the range car Japanese group supplied to Ukraine, with fabric seats, halogen headlamps and, since 2009, motor 1.8 liters. For comparison, in the United States top configuration Lancer X contain under the hood, the 2.4-liter engine, a sunroof, leather upholstery, xenon headlights, electronic stability control, RockFord sound system with 6 speakers and a subwoofer... the list can be long. The impossibility of delivery of cars to Ukraine in the very rich specifications manufacturer explains that their price would be very large, and the number of cars sold would be low. Although, with this statement, many might argue.

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