Tuning Mitsubishi L200 2006-2015

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We offer tuning for Mitsubishi L200 wholesale and retail at the best prices in the CIS. We also work with online auto shops using the dropshipping system. We deliver free of charge within Ukraine, we also send car accessories to all countries of Europe and the CIS.

What tuning Mitsubishi L200 offers to buy our car shop Daudio?

Our assortment always includes:

  • Protective body kit - this category includes side platforms, pipes and sills, rear bumper protection, steel protective corners for the bumper, bumper guard).
  • SUV roof rails and roof rack (increase the usable space and cargo capacity of the Mitsubishi).
  • Chrome pads - for beauty and protection. So, for example, handle pads prevent scratches on factory handles. And sill covers protect the body from corrosion and damage in the most vulnerable place.
  • Other auto accessories for tuning are moldings, glass edging, sun shades in the salon, car mats, foglights and other optics.

Brief review of Mitsubishi L200 (Mitsubishi L200) from our tuning shop DD

These are very passable and reliable cars. Once behind the wheel of the L200, you just want to get deeper into a snowdrift or impenetrable swamp, and then, turning on the four-wheel drive and locking the rear differential, get out of there. At this moment, you feel just extraordinary. It`s like you`re on a tank. Almost all men, and sometimes the fairer sex like it. And how does the Mitsubishi L 200 overcome hills and slopes? It is something!

The SUV can climb an incline of about 35 degrees. And this, as is known from textbooks on the theory of automobiles, is the maximum for wheeled vehicles. A reinforced suspension can be installed on the L200, which raises the car on average - from 35 to 50 mm.

You can install a snorkel (a device for running the engine under water), power bumpers - front and rear. A winch can be installed in the front power bumper. Also, do not forget about the side protection, which is presented in a large assortment, a bumper guard and a trunk for transporting oversized cargo.

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