Tuning Opel Astra G 1998-2012

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Offer to buy Opel Astra G classic (Opel Astra G) a variety of tuning retail at wholesale prices: plates, moldings, trims on the grille, chrome on the door sills, seat covers on the seats, tuning salon, sun visors, fog lights and other optics, spoiler, rubber floor mats and trunk, mud flaps, roof rails, trunk and other accessories.

Tuning Opel Astra F from our shop: features

  • Door sills, door mirror, door handle, perform, primarily protective function. Can be made of stainless steel or plastics. We sell products of 2 Turkish companies: Omsa, Carmos. The first pads will always be more expensive Carmos - 20-40% less. The reason behind this difference - used in the factory materials and technologies. For example, Omsa is an Italian stainless steel of very high quality, Karmos - also stainless steel but slightly lower class. There are other differences. Read more about this in articles on our website.
  • Roof rails, load compartment, cross member - most often made from aluminum and have 3 points of contact on the roof and different types of bonding (plastic, steel).
  • Sun blinds for Opel Astra F from manufacturer Omsa has different colors, you can buy them together with fasteners (price in the shop are per set).
  • Armrest Opel, fits sizes made specifically for this brand of car.
  • The spoiler is made of fiberglass, already otgruntovat for painting.

Opel Astra G classic: features

  • Low fuel consumption. Opel Astra G consumes less than 5 liters per 100 km on the highway. And about 7-8 when driving in the city. On one tank you can drive 1000 kilometres, and in order to refill it — you need only 50 liters of diesel fuel.
  • High capacity. This car can carry almost everything you need for a young family — ranging from fishing supplies and ending with the refrigerator. The rear row of seats folded, thus turning the huge trunk in a hangar! And if you buy roof rails and crossbars, it is possible to further increase the capacity of the Opel.
  • Comfort and safety. The car is pretty comfortable, though it is the middle class car (by the standards of Germany) in Ukraine, compared with the domestic brands, car seems just a fairy tale. As there are airbags — front and side, which is also important.

Though the car produced since 1998, constantly updated the design, but it fits perfectly at the present time. Its rounded shape pleasing to the eye, while a low fit in the compartment with the radiator grille of the bonnet gives the car a sporty look.

Of course the Opel Astra Zhne stands out from the crowd, but what else do you need for a family wagon? Will fit the whole family and the dog to boot. To use the car very comfortable. There is a multifunction steering wheel, which can be used without detracting switch stations or adjust volume. Seat has adjustment for height, reach and tilt. The wheel has 4 positions (top-bottom, front-to-back). The instrument panel is clear, all the controls at hand. This series of cars from Opel is pretty reliable. The manufacturer stated zinc body + factory anti-corrosion treatment — and indeed it is. The engine is a separate issue — MTBF more than 1 million kilometers. Chassis (suspension, etc.) is simple and not expensive to maintain.

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