Tuning Volkswagen T5 Multivan (2003↗)

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T5 Multivan Chrome door mirrors
Article: car0257

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5/5 Votes: 7
price 26 USD
T5 Multivan pads on the handles of steel
Article: car8268

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4.09/5 Votes: 11
price 20 USD
Lining under the handle VW Multivan (3 PCs, Carmos)
Article: car0338

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4.5/5 Votes: 4
price 21 USD
Style and quality are the m...
Style and quality are the main features of the pads under the handles Volkswagen, Multivan made in the form of holes. Made of steel, they will update the exterior, add the bead of respectability and definitely will not go unnoticed.
T5 Multivan rear room of Ladi
Article: car2987

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4.33/5 Votes: 9
price 17 USD
Covers for the top stop VW T5 (Omsa, Lyada)
Article: 7522152
4.5/5 Votes: 6
price 27 USD
Facing the top of the foot...
Facing the top of the foot designed for tuning Volkswagen Transporter T5 with the rising trunk. Made of steel, and are the same nominal geometry of the optical elements. They are attached to the adhesive tape.
Volkswagen Multivan T5 Moldings glass
Article: car0412

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4.3/5 Votes: 10
price 21 USD
T5 Multivan Moldings on the door
Article: car6733

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4/5 Votes: 9
price 42 USD
Pad on the hatch of the tank VW T5 (Omsa)
Article: 7522071
4.43/5 Votes: 7
price 18 USD
Stylish, practical and dura...
Stylish, practical and durable chrome trim on the gas tank of the Volkswagen T5 will become an indispensable accessory in the German tuning bead. Besides the fact that the product looks impressive, it also protects the body from scratches and abrasions. Italian stainless steel
Volkswagen Multivan door sills auto
Article: 7526092

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3.88/5 Votes: 8
price 79 USD
Sill the car is only for tu...
Sill the car is only for tuning Volkswagen T5 Multivan. Made of durable Turkish steel. On the surface anti-slip pattern and the inscription Multivan . Mounted on 3M tape.

Digital Designs the company offers tuning Volkswagen T5 Multivan at a guaranteed low price for residents of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Here you will find the widest range of chrome packages for the Volkswagen tuning and understand what is really a quality service and product.

What do we offer?

  • To make brutal and slightly expressive face of German wagon a little originality and sophistication thanks to accessories like lining on the door handles, mirrors, sills, bumpers, optics... All presented chrome package is the combination of elegance, balanced proportions, impeccable quality and reliability. They look impressive, but unobtrusive, are perfectly combined with each other and with any color car.
  • To protect the mod from damage in case of accident or driving off-road. Kengooryatniki and side protection provided in our online store tuning, made of high quality steel well-known manufacturers. Such important accessories will not only protect the body from serious damage, but may save the lives of passengers. Yes, and the car with a steel body kit looks more sporty and aggressive.
  • To improve the aerodynamic properties of the car with spoilers, spoiler, specially designed bumpers, etc.

And in the end I want to give advice: customize your VW Multivan, intuitively, always follow her elusive gusts and then a private car will bring you only positive emotions.

And positive is always the key to success!

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