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Pads on VW T4 mirrors (ABS plastic, Carmos)
Article: car0250

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3.92/5 Votes: 12
price 31 USD
Here you can buy stylish an...
Here you can buy stylish and attractive chrome lining on the rear view mirror Volkswagen transporter T4. Accessories will add subtle sophistication and respectability to the German bead. Made of high impact plastic, are attached to the tape.
Covers for the rear handle VW T4 (steel)
Article: car8264
4.75/5 Votes: 4
price 20 USD
Chrome lining on the rear h...
Chrome lining on the rear handle VW T4 (VW) will bring to the exterior minibus stylish touches and protect regular items from the negative impact of external factors. Mounted on a very reliable American adhesive tape (included).
Volkswagen T4 Transporter Pad above the number
Article: car2979

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4.4/5 Votes: 5
price 28 USD
Volkswagen Transporter T4 Tank trim (Carmos)
Article: car4514
4.75/5 Votes: 4
price 10 USD
Stylish and spectacular cov...
Stylish and spectacular cover for the Volkswagen Transporter T4 gas tank hatch is a rather rare device that will appeal to everyone who wants to make their minibus brighter and more noticeable. The accessory is made of steel and is attached with an adhesive tape.
Sill plates VW T4 (steel, 2 pcs)
Article: laz-020
4.5/5 Votes: 10
price 21 USD
pad on the cornice, door si...
pad on the cornice, door sill. This is the place where it is constantly wiping! there is an inscription Transporter, Caravella, Multivan
Volkswagen T4 Door sills VIP (2 pieces, steel)
Article: car0252
4.93/5 Votes: 15
price 26 USD
overlay on the cornice, ove...
overlay on the cornice, overlay on the threshold. This is the place where you constantly wipe yourself!

The decision to change the look of your car usually comes suddenly. But if it came, it should not stop there, because now tuning accessories for Volkswagen (VW) Transporter T4 (1998+) you can buy in one place at the most competitive prices.

Why Volkswagen tuning need to buy from us?

  1. We provide five-year warranty on all The following specific products.
  2. We sell only genuine chrome packages and aerodynamic Turkish, American and Polish manufacturers.
  3. We guarantee 110% refund you the difference if you can find cheaper goods of the same quality as we do.
  4. Finally, all the inhabitants of Ukraine and Russia, we offer free and very fast delivery.

And we hope that you will also join the list of our customers to experience for yourself what a good service, affordable goods and positive emotions.


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