The visor on the windshield (for painting) Volkswagen T4 Transporter

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Features The visor on the windshield (for painting) for Volkswagen T4 Transporter

Date of shipment: 04.07.2022
Manufacturer: Meliset
Country: Turkey
Material: Fiberglass
Mounting type: Glass adhesive sealant
Package contents: Согласно фото (клей в комплект не входит)
Article: vol047
Category of product: Body kitsSpoiler
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Reviews The visor on the windshield (for painting) for Volkswagen T4 Transporter

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Windshield Visor, which we propose to buy in our online store, has a thoughtful design that does not impair the aerodynamic properties of the Volkswagen T4. At the same time he is able to highlight the beneficial van in a traffic stream (is a rare accessory for tuning).

In addition, sun-visor performs the function of heating and prevents heat from entering into the passenger compartment and sunlight, which provides a more comfortable driving in sunny weather. But in the rain or snow - accessory windshield protects the window from contamination, which improves the visibility of the road.

The visor on the windscreen for tuning Volkswagen T4 is made ​​of impact-resistant fiberglass and frost. Mounted on silicone or sealant


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