Tuning Volkswagen Touareg 2010-2018

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The second generation Volkswagen Touareg was produced from 2010 to 2018.

At the moment, the site is available for 3D visualization of external parts on the taureg. Enter the product, move below - and you can view different products from all sides

Taureg tuning options

Chrome lining

Made of stainless steel. Installed over native elements (not to be confused with a spare part)

Material Stainless steel AISI 304
Thickness 0.7mm
Installation Self-adhesive, double-sided tape

Aluminum side steps

Installation on brackets in regular places .

Length 193 cm
Width 10-14 cm
Frontal thickness 4.5-6 cm
Back thickness 1.5-3 cm
Profile material Aluminum
Decorative elements material ABS plastic
Bracket material Anodized steel
Number of brackets 6 pcs (3 per side)

Power kits made of stainless steel (arches, pipes, thresholds)

Manufactured on modern equipment in Turkey. Material stainless steel 1.5mm thick. Pipe diameter - depending on the product, from 42mm to 70mm

Roof rails

In most taureg models, the rails are factory-installed. But in some they are absent and the car already looks "wrong".

We offer OEM model (exactly the same as from the factory) or Skyport model (Turkish made of aluminum). They are very similar in style.

Installation on glass adhesive

Roof rails

Various modifications and configurations of roof bars, but the principle is the same. Two cross bars with brackets that grip the rail and are bolted in place. Permissible load up to 80 kg.

Body kits

We offer plastic front and rear bumper covers. The perfect addition to your handsome man! Attention, depending on the model year, different products !!! The first version is 2010-2015, the second version is 2015-2018. In addition, our range has a very beautiful ABT spoiler (over the standard one). Completely ready for painting

Interior and trunk mats

There are two types of carpets, rubber (as well as polyurethane) and textile (fabric, pile). Depending on the wishes of the owner. Rubber ones are easier to clean. From rubber we recommend Stingray Premium (odorless, perfect). From textile model Fortuna

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