Tuning Audi A3 (2004-20012)

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AUDI A3 Stainless steel door handle covers
Article: om2901

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price 36 USD
When ordering, throw off ph...
When ordering, throw off photos of native pens to managers! Do you want to highlight your car AUDI (Audi) A3 from the mass of similar ones? Then you will have to take care of its tuning and decorate it with chrome parts, including buying OMSA trademark pads for handles (4 pieces included).
Audi A3 2004-2012 Door sills Flexill
Article: 97UN091SP

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price 42 USD
The front size 45cm 5 cm re...
The front size 45cm 5 cm rear cm 23 5 cm
AUDI A3 sill inner (2 pcs., Steel), the compartment
Article: ddd3545

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price 76 USD
Sill, who buy at the lowest...
Sill, who buy at the lowest price possible only in our store are made by OMSA and steel profiles are designed specifically for the thresholds AUDI (Audi) A3.
Spoiler for painting Audi A3 2004-2012
Article: 1101-501
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price 89 USD
Material - fiberglass, prim...
Material - fiberglass, primed for painting.
Fenders on universal Audi A3 (2 pieces)
Article: AUD -110
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Mud flaps, universal fit fo...
Mud flaps, universal fit for both front and rear wheels, but is much more effective will look in a set of 4 pieces (the price is for 2 pieces). Designed exclusively for the Audi A3 2004-2007. Do not break the cold.

And without tuning Audi A3 looks great. And this is perhaps the only worthy competitor to other well - known car-BMW 3. While the chassis of the Audi A3 is the same as in the chassis of a Volkswagen Golf. From Foltz not only chassis, but also V-shaped "six".

Tuning for the Audi A3:

Our company offers a full range of accessories:

  • different overlays for the external tuning may be made of plastic or steel to different body parts - handles, mirrors, inner sills, bumpers, headlights, etc. Protect and decorate.
  • The trims on the dashboard of the interior (self-adhesive), original rubber mats, seat covers on the seats, curtains on the glass.

Any body kit and various accessories for Audi A3 you can always purchase from us with delivery to any city (persiles all transport companies).

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