Tuning Opel Corsa D (2007↗)

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Opel Corsa D Chrome door handle
Article: car2012

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Tuning Opel Corsa - is a kind of revision of the "Iron Horse" based on the needs of the owner. As soon as an update in the model number of Opel, "tuners" immediately picked up the options to create an individual style for each model.

Beautifully will, if done tuning Opel Corsa chrome lining. Especially stylish look:

  • Covers for handles - are made ​​of stainless steel;
  • Covers for mirrors - are set to their homes. Material - stainless steel. steel;
  • Scuff grille - wide steel strip, home to the bars;
  • Sill - 4 piece kit.

What you can see more in our store?

  • Body kits, side skirts, bumper pads;
  • Fog Halogen or LED diodes;
  • Panel overlay, and much more.

For example, the rear spoiler can at times improve the aerodynamic qualities of the car. Also, for improved aerodynamics, you can use the unique structure of the lining to the back or front bumper, a set of thresholds. Shop this model can also refine by setting panel overlay. Most often used for design wood trim. Also on the grille can be installed pretty trim stainless steel. With the help of our large assortment for tuning Opel Corsa, you can easily make an unusual and stylish look to your car.


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