Tuning Opel Insignia 2010-2017

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Opel Insignia Chrome door handle
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Tuning for Opel Insignia 2010+ (Opel Insignia): steel and chrome covers for mirrors, door sills, rubber floor mats and trunk, sun blinds, aerodynamic body kit (spoiler, side skirts, front and rear skirts). Free delivery across Ukraine, as well as delivery to all regions of the CIS and Europe.

Tuning Opel Insignia 2010+: needed or not needed? And why is this Opel attractive?

More recently, the D-class car market has pleased with the premiere from Opel. It would be surrendered, well, what else is it possible to see new from a good proven brand that has been producing German cars of high reliability for more than one year? The latest Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Vectra? But you won’t guess! She was called - Insignia, and she must bring Opel to a completely different level in the minds of buyers, both with its bells and whistles and price.

  • Technical tuning Insignia is unlikely to be needed ...

The Opel Insignia is actually technically perfect: the innovative FlexRide system, which is responsible for adapting the chassis to changing conditions and driving style. With its help, it became possible to choose 1 of 3 modes, ranging from sports and ending with the most comfortable for you. Another innovation, which is at the same time one of the advantages among competitors, is the ultra-modern all-wheel drive adaptive, which provides excellent road stability in the most difficult conditions. A rare system for this class of cars, you can call Control Drive Mode, which "studies" the driver, a way of obtaining information from all components of the chassis. And that's not all that Opel Insignia can offer its customers. Suffice it to indicate that the majority of classmates are simply not able to offer it, and if they do offer it, then these are completely different prices.

  • Comfort Opel Insignia and interior tuning

As for the quality and comfort of the interior design, the Opel Insignia also meets the highest premium stamps. Impeccable fit of panels and parts, pleasant surfaces to the touch, materials of the highest quality, dashboard slightly turned towards the driver and electronics, which is responsible for almost all adjustments. The list of benefits can go on for quite some time. And most importantly, the degree of safety guaranteed to its owner Insignia exceeds all praise. This model has gained the mark "excellent" from the EuroNCAP examiners. And it is unlikely that you will need tuning the Opel salon. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the external tuning of Insignia.

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