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Environmentally friendly ma...
Environmentally friendly material, hypoallergenic, absolutely odorless. Much lighter than rubber mats. Resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. Protection against wet shoes and car interior

Tuning Chevrolet Cruze at our car shop presents a wide range of accessories made of stainless steel and high quality ABS plastic, chrome-plated.

DDaudio the company offers these accessories for Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze is one of the more tuninga-podawanych of the car, especially the version of HB. In our online shop you can buy and see:

  • Chrome lining of stainless steel and ABS plastic;
  • Arc on the roof and the trunk;
  • Tuning body kits fiberglass and plastic;
  • Pads on the panel under the different colors;
  • Fog lights and LED running lights;
  • Floor mats interior and trunk...

Why tuning Chevrolet Cruze valuable in our times?

The number of sold cars in Ukraine is very high, according to this, to stand out among others – please see the catalogue. And also:

  • The car is becoming increasingly popular and it is necessary to select from the monotonous "crowd";
  • Tuning, stainless steel today is a rarity. All offer cheap Chinese plastic

Why do you buy tuning Chevrolet Cruze:

Because we are the largest tuning company:

  • You can save money on shipping.

We only do free delivery to Ukraine, in Moscow and Gomel

  • Availability of own warehouse.

Our company always keeps in stock a full range of products for cars tuning Chevrolet Cruze. You don't have to wait weeks or months to buy a desired product

  • A wide selection of

In addition to the standard accessories for your car, you can watch and versatile products - such as the wipers, signals, polishes and unique things car audio

You are in doubt about where better to see the unique tuning Chevrolet? Of course we have! We have such a position that the competitors are jealous of!

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