Tuning Alfa Romeo 156 (1997↗)

ALFA ROMEO 156 Strap on the trunk (for the lower edge of the cover)
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Chrome strip on the trunk ALFA...
Chrome strip on the trunk ALFA ROMEO 156 (Alfa Romeo) from the German manufacturer Omsa made of steel of the highest quality. Branded product warranty - 5 years.

Alfa Romeo 156 door sills door OmsaLine
Article: 0102091


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Door sills for Alfa Romeo (Alf...
Door sills for Alfa Romeo (Alfa Romeo) 156 fully correspond to the size of the regular places of mounting, made of chrome steel and installed in 10 minutes without the involvement of specialists from outside.

Alfa Romeo 156 1997-2007 sill Flexill
Article: 97UN091SP


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The front size 45cm 5 cm rear ...
The front size 45cm 5 cm rear cm 23 5 cm

Alfa Romeo 156 1997-2007 scuff plates, Natania (stainless)
Article: PS-AR02

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Panel overlay Alfa Romeo 156 Hartman
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Panel overlay Alfa Romeo 156 Meric
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Alfa Romeo 156 Tuning - is very popular not only in Italy but also in Ukraine. In addition, it is the bottom of the most successful models of the Italian brand. German added practicality to the classic Italian design, engineers have revealed a great light sedan. Produced since 1997, for ten years, "one hundred fifty-sixth" experienced two restyling, which allowed her to live on the assembly line 10 years. Many auto journalists 156-I is recognized as one of the best cars of its time.

Industry Alfa Romeo 156 tuning

The machine has spawned an entire industry around it auto-tuning, in which the company specializes DDaudio. We have a large assortment, constant presence.

In the warehouses of our shop are present:

  • Covers for dashboard from Hartman and Meric - wood trim, carbon or aluminum;
  • Chrome exterior parts - made ​​of stainless steel;
  • Alternative horns and signals;
  • Noise, vibration isolation, thermal insulation;
  • Xenon, LED and more.

All accessories present we have - absolutely compatible with the original model, which provides ease of installation and durability. As well, sales are always a vinyl film that is its diversity will satisfy even the most requests for Sophisticated tuning Alfa Romeo 156 and will implement their creative thought. Add a new touch to your Italian beauty! A consultants DDaudio tuning companies will help you in this m.


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