Leather Case CAT Renault Trafic 2001-2015

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Features Leather Case CAT for Renault Trafic 2001-2015

Date of shipment: 06.12.2022
Material: Leather
Mounting type: In regular places
Package contents: 1 case transmission
Article: koz037
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The cover on the gear lever Renault Trafic (2001-2007) easy to attach directly on top of the shift lever and is covered on the whole circumference around the handle thanks to sewn the tie. What will protect the gearing mechanism from water and dirt, plus add luxury style of the cabin as a whole!

Online shop best auto-tuning in Ukraine – "Digital Designs Ukraine" offers to buy a cover for a gearshift knob Renault Trafic, which is produced from black leather that is pleasant to the touch (material resistant to cuts and tears, plus not afraid of fag ash).

Package contents:

  1. The cover on the gear lever Renault trafic (2001 to 2007);
  2. Packing.

The overlay produced on advanced equipment and successfully passed the test on durability and overall quality!

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