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Mercedes Vito covers for mirrors carbon DDU
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49 USD
Buy lining the mirrors Mercede...
Buy lining the mirrors Mercedes Vito (Mercedes Vito) W638 you can at the lowest prices in Ukraine and Russia. Made of impact-resistant plastic with the application to the surface of a carbon aqua print. The price is for 2 plates.

Volkswagen T5 covers for mirrors carbon (ABS, legs)
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91 USD
Carbon covers for mirrors made...
Carbon covers for mirrors made of durable plastic and covered with technology akvapechat. There are different variations of colors (standard carbon black). To fasten, as with other chrome-chrome trim on 3M tape. Price for the set on the right and left mirror.

In the process of operation of the vehicles, their owners are faced with the need to replace certain items that have failed due to wear, damage, or other factors. In this regard, they have a need to purchase analogues of high quality, which is not only of attractive appearance but also functionality.

About company

Many car owners know about the company DDU (Digital Designs Ukraine), which manufactures various interior and exterior parts of vehicles in own production facilities. The company has modern equipment and production process involved high-skilled workers. The company exercise strict control over the quality of products.

the Company DDU was founded in 2004 in Chernivtsi (Ukraine). Within 3 years after the Foundation she was engaged in retail trade of parts and accessories for vehicles.

Gradually, it has established relations with Turkish companies for the supply of spare parts, and later – with American manufacturers. The products are shipped to many countries.

in 2010, the DDU company produces high quality products, among which are the scuff plates, which provide protection from damage, roof rails, bumpers, etc.

For example, the production of car roof rails is carried out with the use of modern technology that contributes to the growth of demand for these products from consumers. These elements of the exterior allow you to carry items on the roof of the car. It is important to note that the capacity of the company produces over 100 varieties of these products.

the capacity of the company also adjusted production of the visors windshield, giving the car a more attractive appearance, not to mention their functionality. For almost any model of modern cars can be purchased visor.

very popular among many car owners use the trims on the grille, designed for low temperatures. Quite effective lining on the bumper, made of plastic. They protect the car body from falling rubble, gravel, etc. in the process of moving. In addition, this company manufactures pads for other elements of the body.



the Company DDU is developing quite dynamically, gradually increasing the operation profitability. At the same time it strengthens its competitive position by improving product quality and increasing the number of clients. The company's management has big plans for the promotion of products on the market, and expanding markets.

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