Immersion printing: technology for the home environment

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Immersion printing - technology of the tuning that might seem too difficult and impossible at home. But believe me, if exactly follow our tips that we have cited in previous articles and topics that we describe now, then You will certainly succeed. You can not even doubt! Moreover, we offer to buy cheap sets of akvaprint for beginners (they already included everything you need for home tuning: film of the desired color, primer, paint, activator, etc.). But let's get back to our main topic.

Preparing the coating:

  • A large bowl of water. All work can be carried out in a bath - it all depends on the size of the workpiece.
  • Plastic strap-constraints (this can be anything). Their purpose is to prevent the spread of the figure, separated from the film, around a basin of water.
  • The activator and the spray for its application.
  • Akvaprint film, the colors which you can choose here.

Immersion seal: technology for dummies

  1. Type in the bath (a basin) of warm water. In any case, measure the temperature (sell special thermometers for water) - it should be 29-31°C.
  2. Now cut the tape with a margin (about 2-3 cm from each edge).
  3. With each edge (on the surface of the film, which was "in reserve") make a lot of cuts at a 45° angle (this is mandatory!).
  4. Now take the strap-limiters and fix them in a basin of water (needs to rest against the vessel wall) so that between them the fit the cut out film, and still left a gap of 1.5-2.0 see
  5. Now dip inside film adhesive side and wait 2 minutes.
  6. Start zigzagging spraying the activator (for reference: flow rate equal to about 20/30ml 1m? film).
  7. Immediately after this (activator, which you can buy in our store dissolves the film, leaving a pattern on the water instantly) and begin to dip the parts that need to be done slowly at an angle of 45° to the surface of the water.

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