Film for coating

The film for aqua printing, which we offer to buy, compares favorably with analogues available on the market in its quality, practicality and durability. Having decorated your car with the help of our materials, you can be sure that neither in a year, nor in five years you will not have to redo the interior again. The film is manufactured in Taiwan for US consumers under the Hydro-Dip (HD) brand. Our company also signed a contract with a Taiwanese company for the supply of materials to Ukraine. The film is of much better quality than its cheaper competitors, it is very easy to work with, does not "tear" and does not bubble

Film for aqua printing: conditions of purchase

  • 8 USD (at the exchange rate on the day of order) - this is the retail price of the product for 1m² (the product is sold at retail in any quantity).
  • $ 7 (at the rate on the day of order) - from 10-20 meters
  • 6 USD (at the rate on the day of order) - from 20-50 meters
  • $ 5 (at the rate on the day of order) - from 50-100 meters
  • When buying a film from 100 meters - the price is negotiated individually

(If you are not ready to spend such an amount on the film one time, but aim at long-term cooperation with us, you will also receive corresponding discounts on the goods).

Important: If you buy aquaprint equipment , you will automatically receive an instant discount on the film, and you will get a price of 6 ye (course on the day of order)

Delivery is carried out to all cities, towns and villages of Ukraine by mail and operating transport companies. When ordering materials for the amount of 500 hryvnia (for example, film + activator + primer + varnish, etc.) - delivery is free.

No prepayment required.

(We can make a film for you to order from the catalog. The minimum order is 15 meters, the term is 3 weeks. Download the catalog here )

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