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a Little about the company Vip Tuning

the Company, which will be discussed, appeared in the Nizhny Novgorod region, in Dzerzhinsk, in 2003. Almost from the formation to the present time, the company is one of the recognized leaders in the production of accessories made of organic glass, for different kinds of foreign automotive vehicles. In a huge number of current models designed for specific domestic and foreign vehicles, and among the variants that are universal, easy to choose the optimal quality and price for you.

Model range is indeed very wide. Made of high quality, made with observance of all technological norms, Plexiglas, automotive accessories on the Russian market are supplied under the brand name Vip Tuning suitable for almost any kinds of foreign cars, regardless of year and country of issue. The assortment offered by the company constantly expanding with innovations that provide all the needs of the vast majority of motorists. The company is founded by people who knew exactly what you intend to do and since the formation of firms are a positive experience for millions of motorists, not only in our country but also abroad. This circumstance makes customers regularly choose deflectors windshields and bonnet of this particular manufacturer. High quality accessories for the best prices makes it easy to pick up for you from the products of this Russian company.

the Motto of the company can be two main points — versatility and quality. Indeed, among the products you can always find a place for your car. Our work is directly with the manufacturer allows us to sell its products at a minimum price making additional trade margins. So contact to us — on the territory of Ukraine we are the official representative of this and several other companies.

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