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Renault Fluence Lining on door handles Stainless steel
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Offer buy наRenault Fluence (Renault Fluence) tuning body kit: side sills (running boards), visor, armrest, seat covers, trims on the dashboard, fog lights and other optics, spoiler, door handles and mirrors, scuff plates, moldings, glass, rubber floor mats and trunk.

Renault Fluence (Renault Fluence): review

Renault Fluence is a sedan with a spacious interior and the large trunk is perfect for family motorists. The car itself is a continuation of the line Megane and carries the majority of traits of its predecessors, but the Fluence has become more and more solid. Everything the Frenchman has a nice price compared to its closest competitors.

Cars for Renault has a classic appearance: a smooth oval shape, inflated wings, a narrow grille and elongated along the cowl lights. Envelopes Fluens: 4620 mm in length and 2037 in width, and the car is difficult to classify to a specific class C or D, it's somewhere in between. The Luggage compartment is 530 litres.

Fluence is available in four trim levels, but no powertrain - 1.6-litre petrol engine in the 106 "horses". It is still not enough for such a sedan, you can feel it on the climbs and when accelerating on the highway, as indicated by the numbers: hundreds of French gaining nearly 14 seconds.

Picking Renault Fluenc

Basic (called Zen) includes power steering, electric mirrors and front Windows, adjustable driver seat and steering wheel, halogen headlights and a five-speed gearbox. Option safety: two front airbags and ABS. Equipment quite "naked". But you can be part - buy we have fog lights, running boards, to give the car a agressive pads on mirrors and door handles.

Next - Comfort and Expression - are already able to choose between "mechanics" and four-stage "automatic". Here already there are heated front seats, front side airbage, fog lights and many other pleasures for car owners.

Fully loaded Dynamique is equipped with a automatic transmission and the significant gains in comfort. Here You will get dual-zone climate control, rear Parking radar, cruise control, lots of electronics: rain sensor, dimming rear view mirrors at dusk, an improved audio system. There is also the adjustment of departure of the steering wheel and ESP. You can get optional leather interior.

A nice plus: all equipment going on otechestvennyye have a stone chip underbody cover, adaptation of the engine to start in cold time of the year and reinforced suspension.

Fuel consumption, according to the manufacturer, is 10.6 liters in the urban cycle, and only 6 liters on the highway. Management and the dynamics of the Fluence is very suitable for country trips on the highway at cruising speeds, in city traffic, the car behaves no matter, because of the weak engine.

Summarizing, we can say that the Renault Fluence is a typical "family" car, for those who don't speed, and quiet ride.

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