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Article: CXK-POR02-1004
price 270 USD
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Everyone knows that Porsche cars have the original design. Car model takes a high position in the world market, due to its reliability and high quality. The creators of the model Porsche Macan call it aggressive and strong-willed. Tuning Porsche Macan will only accentuate all the force and power, which wanted to give the developers of the model.

Roof rails for the Porsche Macan

Roof rails for Porsche macan sproektirovannye exclusively for this model. The original design and design was developed with all the features of the car. It should be noted that this type of roof performs a decorative function.

The main features of the rails:

  • high quality material;
  • the installation is directly on the regular places;
  • strength;
  • details for mounting rails provided in the kit;
  • high wear resistance.

Plastic body kit and side sills

You can complement the design of the car plastic body kit, which will give the car a massiveness and importance. Lining easy to install at home without assistance. Plastic kit does not affect the car's driving characteristics.

The side sills are made of high quality plastic and aluminum. Sets thresholds in a regular car seat and do not require additional modifications. All fasteners thresholds made of metal – this ensures a great quality to use for years to come.

From the above, it can be concluded that tuning is one of the alternative solutions, if the car owner wants to emphasize the power of the apparatus and to give the Porsche Macan originality.

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