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Offer to buy a tuning for Peugeot 4008 (Peugeot 4008) - new crossover created on the platform of the Mitsubishi ASX. Replaced the 4007 model that was previously created on the platform of Mitsubishi Outlander XL. The main difference from 4008 4007 - reduced size. Peugeot 4008 is shorter by 300 mm, which puts him in the class of compact crossovers, where it competes with popular in Ukraine Nissan Qashqai, Kia Sportage, Hyundai ix35, Mitsubishi ASX and VW Tiguan, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and others, as well as another twin-debutant - Citroen C4 Aircross.

Browse Peugeot 4008 crossover

Peugeot 4008 less than its predecessor 4007, 4008 length decreased by as much as 30 cm, but at the same time, the wheelbase, and it means that inside it is no less. And reducing the size while maintaining the wheelbase have a positive impact on performance of the accessibility car, the overhangs are smaller, respectively, increased angles of approach and descent. In other words, to reduce the risk to catch the bumper when driving on the dirt road or in the storming of bardyury. And crossversion 200 kg, it has improved its dynamic characteristics.

The cabin of the Peugeot 4008 spacious and comfortable. It is well equipped and in the base and top configuration here is almost everything and leather interior, and climate control and the Keyless start system into the cabin and start the engine. The instrument panel is different, or rather different panel-Board computer: in database there is a monochrome screen, but it outputs messages in a different color (red or orange), but in top configuration - really full color display.

What tuning Peugeot 4008 (Peugeot 4008) are offered in our shop, Daudio?

The range of accessories is constantly updated, so check back in our store often. Now available:

  • lining of Turkish steel on the handles and the door sills is guaranteed to not corrode, does not afraid of temperature changes and moisture;
  • rubber floor mats from the Czech manufacturer - with borders and special non-slip surface;
  • roof rack - crossbars for the roof rails) is made of aluminum, can withstand load up to 100 kg.

The performance of the car

As you know, French model 4008 created on bought the Japanese platform - GS, which is based on the Mitsubishi ASX. Peugeot 4008 is a double Mitsubishi ASX, even the dimensions are nearly identical, and has dimensions of 4.34 m in length, of 1.80 in width and 1.63 m in height.

As for engines, the Peugeot 4008, the 4: 2 petrol and 2 diesel. Gasoline engines four-cylinder pozaimstvovan of the Japanese: 1.6 l capacity with 117 HP and a 2.0 with 150 HP Japanese and one of the engines - 1.8 liter (150 HP). And only one engine that has received the Peugeot 4008, French - diesel 1.6 liter capacity 116 HP Model has three modes of operation with all-wheel drive:

  • 2WD - in this case, the leading are only the front wheels;
  • 4WD - in this case the torque distribution between the front and rear axle is carried out automatically;
  • LOCK - in this case, the system transmits rear-wheel torque 1.5 times greater in automatic mode.

The interior and cabin of the Peugeot 4008

The interior of the crossover is made in the status of style, which is a continuation of a line of cars with a respectable design. The dashboard is covered with black lacquer with a matte surface. All its elements harmoniously fit into the overall style and make up a single whole with it.

The developers have paid great attention to the ergonomics of the control. Regardless of the height of the driver, all sensors and measuring instruments are located in the most convenient control position. Not to mention the panoramic roof, which not only provides light but also helps to visually increase the free space.

Interior Peugeot 4008 may be executed in one of the available options. These include several types of tissues, different types of natural leather and its substitutes. Any of these variants is of high quality and high resistance to wear. Status salon is approved through the use of chrome surfaces, as well as the use of special led lighting mounted in certain places. Some additional elements of the interior can vary, depending on configuration.

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