Tuning Nissan X-trail 2002-2007

Nissan X-trail T30 2002-2007 door sills (4 PCs)
Article: 97UN091SP

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47 USD
The front size 45cm 5 cm rear ...
The front size 45cm 5 cm rear cm 23 5 cm

Nissan X-trail T30 2002-2007 Textile floor mats interior (Velgum)
Article: dd44012
42 USD
Budget option Available colors...
Budget option Available colors are gray and black. The basis of the crumbs and plastic. It is possible to apply the logo by the method of flocking or plastic signboard. Color of edging and thread over your desire (any color)

Buy accessories and chrome lining for tuning Nissan X-Trail is available in our shop with delivery to Ukraine, CIS, Europe. Nissan X Trail SUV, in our opinion- "jeep". Embodied in option with 5 doors, numbering 4510 mm length (while width - 1765 mm), the vehicle is able to accommodate 5 passengers. In the Luggage compartment, you can put more than 410 cubic inch of cargo. Using the entire possible volume of the trunk, it will include 1841 DM cargo.

A brief overview of the Nissan X-trail 2002-2007 from the shop, Daudio

Usual for such cars, ground clearance - 200 mm. Wedged in the front (transversely) "malokase" diesel engine (inline design) has a volume of 2184 cm3, giving a "maximum" 114 BHP Fuel "poured" into the existing 4 cylinder system with direct injection of tremendous pressure. The engine used a turbocharger. Manual transmission has 6 gears. The Nissan X-Trail scheme is applied to both axles, providing good control of the road. In the front suspension used wishbones in the rear used coil springs.

Brake circuit - very modern and efficient: ventilated discs in the front and rear wheels are detected exactly the same braking units. ABS - anti-lock system is almost a necessary thing in recent years, is here. "Enhanced" booster (hydraulic) steering, uses a very common scheme "rack gear". As can be seen from the manufacturer, the maximum attainable speed is around 165 km/hour. To reach 100 km/h in 13.7 s. real Consumption (in mixed mode) - 7.2 liters of fuel. On country roads the car spends 6 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers route within the city consumption range from 9.2 liters of fuel that you can put in the tank is 60 liters.

What is the tuning kit for the Nissan X Trail to buy from us?

  • Chrome lining on the forefoot, rear bumper, mirror housing, door handles, door sills and hatch of the tank.
  • Protective kit - rapids-footrest to protect from side impacts and for the convenience of driver and passengers.

All prices on accessories for tuning your own hands Nissan X Trail listed for the sets. Delivery of the kits is carried out by all transport companies in all cities of Ukraine and other countries.

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