Tuning Nissan NP300 1999-2015

Pads on the handle stainless steel for Nissan Sky Star (Pick Up), 4 PCs
Article: car58136

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Pads on the handles stainless ...
Pads on the handles stainless steel guaranteed to not deform and not succumb to the negative influence of the environment, and resistant to aggressors (salt, alkali). Production - Turkey. Set - 4 PCs.

Door handles on laths Nissan Sky Star (Pick Up), 2 pcs
Article: ddd1054
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Door handles on laths issued b...
Door handles on laths issued by the Turkish company. To produce the applied steel with improved composition whereby improved resistance to corrosion products (up to 10 years). Set - 2 pads on handles.

Nissan NP300 D22 door sills Flexill (4 PCs)
Article: 97UN091SP

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The front size 45cm 5 cm rear ...
The front size 45cm 5 cm rear cm 23 5 cm

Nissan NP300 sill Carmos (4 pieces, stainless steel)
Article: car01352
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There are two types of thresho...
There are two types of thresholds. To clarify managers. Look at the pictures. The size of the first: front 50cm 5.5 cm, back 30 cm to 5.5 cm, Second: Front 77.5 cm by 4.5 cm, back 27.5 cm by 4.5 cm

Article: brr353, xbsg203
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Nissan NP 300 Pickup truck from the Japanese automaker has always been the center of attention among fans of high-quality, powerful and durable machines. Unbelievable maneuverability, a unique range of power units, huge capacity and the higher productivity allowed NP 300 quietly to take a leadership position in its class.

Impressive, formidable appearance and tuning exterior Nissan NP 300

one glance at this car to understand – he is not afraid of bad roads or different unpleasant surprises from the weather, nor all sorts of surprises from other road users. Impressive size, heavy-duty body, massive rack, chrome grille, impressive optics distinguish the Japanese pickup from the mass of other machinery. Even the large cross will provide rear and front bumper from our hardware store in Daudi and footboard-thresholds (not only do they protect the body from the side when driving on the road, but also facilitate the landing, the landing of the driver and passengers).


the Effectiveness of each millimeter of the cabin, which can be improved by tuning the Nissan НП300

the Internal structure of the NP 300 is impressive forethought and practicality in every detail. Any element of the interior is its direct purpose. Comfortable seats allow you to cover long distances and with absolutely no feeling of fatigue. A rich internal technical stuffing significantly simplifies the process of management. For more comfort can install their own blinds on the Windows to protect from the sun, car covers, high quality rubber mats or decorative pads on the torpedo.


Unique capabilities of the Japanese pickup

the Car is available in three variations – basic, comfort and premium. Each of them is equipped with a powerful power unit, whereby the truck can carry heavy loads and tow a trailer weighing up to three tons. This workhorse is equipped with all wheel drive. Diesel engine capacity of 2.5 liters complete with a five-speed manual transmission allows you to overcome НП300 even a full road.


Increased safety NP 300

Powerful, impressive, dynamic, spacious, with innovative safety systems, this car is an absolute leader in its class. The model is equipped with modern technologies which ensure maximum safety for driver and passengers in a collision.

the Company Daudio offers on personal experience to make sure that all the accessories and bodykit for Nissan model NP 300, bought in our tuning shop, able to cope with all its tasks and serve for a very very long time.

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