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In the rush development of the transport business, some companies "seagrasses" or choosing the wrong development strategy forget about the basics – about customers. But the clients of their main income, in independence of what service they use. To date, the functionality of the transport companies is very wide, from normal delivery to the warehouse to "non-standard" home delivery with the option of cash payment.

So let's start with the market leader in the transport company "New mail". It is the largest company in Ukraine for the delivery of various cargoes. Across Ukraine it has the most offices in different small towns, and even villages. In addition, this company has all large, not even large cities have several offices, so the customer was most convenient to send or receive your goods. The company for the last 4 years has made a major breakthrough on registration of orders – from manual records at the company's warehouse to fully automated, in which the client has already filled in the Declaration itself. It is very convenient to the online stores and wholesale companies. The advantages of a "New mail", you can add the fact that it is a function of the cod, which she herself invented. In addition to notes on the Declaration of the "New Mail", you will be able to add such "features" as the exchange of goods for goods exchange of goods for a bonus card, the exchange of goods for documents... Very happy SMS-notification (arrived cargo, the goods are not recovered...) At fares New Mail – "average", but it kompensiruet functionality. All of the above description puts the "New Mail" in the lead among the competitors. But, unfortunately, this company has a number of issues. Why in "spinning" so many movers in the warehouse, and to issue/accept the goods no one or the big turn??? Why the company believes so expensive bulky loads, because other companies too, for the amount necessary to pay, but not 2-3 times!? Why not teach their porters properly consider the volumetric weight (we did this the actual weight of 9 kg, the employees of the company "New Mail" count 55kg their method, we analyzed know the exact volumetric weight of 30kg, he was), why should we pay for air?

About quality transportation.

New Mail always delivers the goods in a timely manner. Very rarely, the load lost (if there were cases that the cargo after some time was). But this does not apply to valuable envelopes – are very often not complete envelope (lacks the amount) or envelopes generally loses. A big plus is that if you open the envelope in front of them, and something is missing, then the company must compensate the money. What can be said about the damaged goods. There are frequent cases when the "New Mail" breaks the goods, and even those that say "Fragile" and they're securely Packed. You accept a request, then the legal Department will contact You and read the decision. In most cases, is "excuses," and compensation You can get. It's like a lottery.

For example, the absurd decision:

- We send the goods to customer Ivanova I., worth 1200. On the way to the customer Ivanov load "X" arrives partially damaged. The client refuses to load. We write the application for partial payment – 400uah. The damaged part is giving the company entire take. In order not to lose the client, we send him again is another a product "X", and whether the stars are poorly located, or magnetic storms – the item comes back bent, and completely. The client again refuses to load, and we write again a complaint, but on the full value of 1200. The product in both cases were insured and securely Packed. Time passes, received a phone call from the company lawyers, and we are told that we twice want to be compensated for the same product. As a result, we have not received payment for either one product or the other.

Load "X" - chrome lining Mercedes Sprinter

In this subsection we consider another company Intime. It can be called the second company, after the New mail. Almost all of the features it borrowed from its main competitor (see above). Has many offices in different cities in Ukraine, but significantly inferior to the leader. There are several warehouses in each city, but the number also is in second place. Outperforms its competitor only more humane price for shipping and more careful attitude to the goods. In case of damage of paying compensation is higher than in the "New Mail"

About quality transportation. Quality transport is very good... but time to kill. In some cities, the shipment can go as much as 5 days!!! Upon delivery of the envelopes there are times of shortage of money. If printed out in the office with them – expect compensation, but if you are already on the threshold of the "hit". Very pleased with the sorting of goods – fragile commodity rewind red ribbon

The "Autolux" company is a former leader among the providers. Once the company had more offices and despite the expensive cost was the leader among the carriers...but as they say "terpiece urvavsya". The number of missions is developing very weakly. Cost of services as before very high. Sometimes annoying excessive demands (passport number, full name without error) – one side is correct, but on the other hand judge: the goods came to the girl in the passport of a patronymicG., forwarding of the Declaration wrote Genadievna.Load the girl was not given. This is not the error that should not produce the goods? And most of all surprised the paper, which are required to sign


There are in the market of companies such as SAT and Delivery. They can be described in a few lines. So popular as those carriers do not use.. the Functionality is weak. Missions is not enough. But there are a number of advantages, which are not the leaders: the Product does not break down (we never met), the price is more than humane! Especially demand from the major suppliers (due to price) – pallets, bulk cargo...

Services such as Night Express, Your Hours, mist Express, Euroexpress - we don't use. This is no estimates can not give.

The table in points (a percentage of the existing ideal)


Looking at the table, we see the leaders of the company "New mail". This is a flawless leader, but which in any case, it is necessary to work over such points as the cost of delivery of bulk cargo and valuable documents. Company Intime is significantly inferior only in the number of missions in the rest of the parameters are more interesting. Autolux – handed position on all points. SAT and Delivery leaders by price.

One conclusion – "to each his own". And the company tip – do not forget about the customers!

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