Tuning Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120

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Tuning Toyota Prado 120 (Toyota Land Cruiser Prado) is not only the highlight of your car in the gray traffic flow, but also a way to protect standard body elements.

Why tuning Prado 120?

Toyota Prado is a prestigious SUV for those who value versatility, power, endurance and comfort in cars. But, unfortunately, it has a number of disadvantages that can be prevented if you buy the following tuning accessories:

  • Foot pads and headlight pads.

Despite the improved resistance of the body to the onslaught of the "red" disease, because of road salt, these decorative elements will very quickly climb. If this happened to your car, we advise you to pay attention to this product in our store.

  • Covers for handles and mirrors.

As a rule, these tuning parts for the Prado are purchased when buying a new car. Stainless steel mirror covers will protect your own body from damage from road stones. And chrome steel handles are factory handles from abrasion and damage.

  • Roof rails and trunk for Toyota Prado.

Significantly increase the already considerable cargo capacity of an SUV. Installation of these products will take several tens of minutes, will not require drilling the body, but will make life easier during summer trips or outdoor trips.

  • Interior tuning lining.

In most modifications, the torpedo is made to match the color of the seats and upholstery. We offer to add some colors to the interior and buy wood, aluminum or carbon imitation lining, which will be effective in any interior color.

All tuning for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120 is in stock, offered at prices lower than those of competitors (you can compare yourself). Delivery - across Ukraine (free of charge) and to any region of Russia.

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