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Car mats your car inoperable? You do not worry, as the online store DDAudio for a short time you will offer them in a large assortment. Our car mats fit within the showrooms of all car brands.

the Company is currently actively developing a brand that produces about ten the latest models every month.

Brand Stingray – is:

15 years on the automotive accessories market, the performance of the company ten thousand sets per month;the availability of car mats in stock to 20,000 thousand copies;two hundred thousand car owners appreciated the quality of products.

the Company manufactures all kinds of accessories for the most popular brands of cars manufactured in European and Asian countries. Your order the motorist to get two or three days.

Car mats are a luxury addition to your car

the goal of the company is that its products are suited to every driver as comfortable as possible.


Design floor mats Stingray:

the Bumpers have a height of 1.5 cm. It allows the product well to keep dirt and liquid do not interfere with driving.“paw” on the Mat of the driver, “seat” - increases the area for the left foot of the motorist. Front car mats are made with reinforced glides, which protect against premature wear.Large cells on the surface, having the shape of a rhombus, guarantee even distribution of dirt on the product and not on other surfaces.Lower spikes securely fixed details. The developers have provided and space for fasteners (hooks under the seats). Poliks is correctly positioned non-slip grip on the car.Easy to use and maintain.


a Secure application

the Material used for the manufacture of car mats, high quality, environmentally friendly and safe for health, has no smell.Products fit snugly to the surface of the floor, not interlocking control pedal.


Guarantee the timing of operation of the company's products Stingray:

Mats Stingray will last two times longer than similar products from competitors.The material from which made autocure, resistant to sudden changes in temperature – in the range of -30 to+50 degrees.

In Ukraine, our company is the only manufacturer of products using modern technology of 3D scanning. Each model of the carpet fits perfectly to the interior of the vehicle for which it is created.

Professional managers of the store will help you choose the right product and answer all your questions.

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