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Avtochehly Geely CK-2
Article: dd14305
4.5/5 Votes: 10
price 189 USD
Sewed of eco-leather and gr...
Sewed of eco-leather and gray fabric. Finished with double stitching. Very strong and durable. Repels dirt, moisture and dust. Do not fade. Price - per set for all seats Geely CK. Different variants of colors. Click Details to see more photos
Avtochehly Geely LC Cross
Article: dd14309
4.45/5 Votes: 11
price 189 USD
Avtochehly sewn from fabric...
Avtochehly sewn from fabric and eco-leather. The color scheme - black, gray, and other options. Price - per set for all seats. Different variants of colors. Click Details to see more photos
Avtochehly Geely CK-1
Article: dd14303
4.33/5 Votes: 9
price 189 USD
Made of a smooth eco-leathe...
Made of a smooth eco-leather gray, dark gray textile inserts and perforated leatherette. The price is per set autocovers all seats Geely CK-1. Different variants of colors. Click Details to see more photos
Seat covers Citroen C1 (Citroen C-1)
Article: dd14193
4.46/5 Votes: 13
price 189 USD
German Faux leather and tex...
German Faux leather and textiles. Accept any external influences, not fade in the sun, are resistant to temperature fluctuations. See how factory avtochehly. The price is per set for all seats. Different color gradation

the Company Southto works in the market of production and sale of covers for a long time. We have several sewing centers sewing slipcovers, fitted with the latest equipment.

Our production

We produce sewing slipcovers based on factory patterns manufacturers of motor vehicles. So after buying our covers for every brand of car you will be surprised how precise and tight they fit, and have all necessary openings provided by the design of your car.

our Quality products

We use only high quality materials and are committed to preserving the appearance of your covers for several years.

Our division as always check accept material for sewing slipcovers. In case of unsatisfactory quality, we will return the goods to the supplier. We produce only products of excellent quality, working only with quality materials. Our manufactured products inspect the entire production cycle covers. Checked the welds, the stickers, proper and beautiful arrangement of zips or fastenings.

Design of car seat cover

Our designers are constantly in a creative search to satisfy the desires of any client. We are constantly expanding our catalog of products.


a Variety of material

We manufacture according to the same patterns of cases of different materials. When the case no matter what material they are made. Covers of any material are to sit on your seat optimally. In any case they will look great in your car, and will provide you and your vehicle.


car Brands

We carry out tailoring of covers not only for cars. In our catalogue of products you can find covers for trucks of well-known manufacturers. They also have excellent quality and perfect size.



Our company offers covers at different prices depending on the materials used. You can buy the covers for your car the desired color and the material used at the best price.

Our partners

Our company Soyuzavto a long time fruitfully cooperate with the company Digital Designs in Ukraine. Digital Designs is our official representative on the territory of Ukraine.

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