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Easy tuning of the cabin of the Peugeot 107
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The proposed tuning Peugeot 107 retail at wholesale price: kits, accessories, everything for interior, spoiler, lining. Premiere Peugeot 107 was in 2005-m to year at the motor show in Geneva. The car shares a single technology platform with models Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo. Plant for the production of all three machines is in the Czech city of Kolin.

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Looks cheap and cheerful runabout – a work of art. The unusual combination of rounded shapes, smiling radiator, original back lighting gives the machine its own lively, optimistic character. The appearance of "one hundred seventh" will certainly suit the taste of young people, especially girls. Length less than 3.5 meters allows the Peugeot 107 to emerge victorious from any traffic, spend the minimum of a u-turn and Parking. The victim fell to the small size of the trunk, whose capacity is just 139 litres. Although, on the other hand, the contingent of purchasing vehicle smergency the boot is hardly required. Besides, folding rear seats, you can extend its considerable volume to 570 litres. Importantly, the designers provided enough space on the front row, thanks to which driving a Peugeot 107 can accommodate a driver of almost any size.

The Cabin Of The Peugeot 107

The design of the cabin of the Peugeot 107 is not far behind from the exterior. And making tuning accessories from our shop, you can further transform it. Here are all of the same futuristic shape, stylish appliances, fashionable ducts, cute chair.

Engine, safety and other features Peugeot 107

The car, supplied to Ukraine, is provided with a single liter engine capacity of 68 HP combined with a weight equal to 800 kg, the engine provides the machine acceptable speed performance, allowing you to accelerate to 150 km/h. the unit is stunningly economical: the French claim a consumption of 4,6 l/100 km in the combined cycle. When buying the Peugeot 107, you can choose from 5-speed manual transmission and the "robot" 2-tronic.

Despite its small size, the little Peugeot has managed to become one of the safest cars among small cars: 4 points to the results of EuroNCAP crash tests (protection level of cars of a class "D"). The initial package contains 2 airbags and automatic system ABS + EBFD, extra pair available side airbags and optional curtain airbags.

The combination of bright positive design, nice interior, economical engine and high level security made Peugeot 107 kit which you can buy from us wholesale and retail, quite popular in our market, especially among the fair sex.

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