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Turkish company MyRacing, the official representative of which in Ukraine, Digital Designs offers a full range of for sale at the lowest price, willing to give choice to their customers, a huge number of automobile deflectors for all types of vehicles of domestic and foreign brands.

about us

MyRacing — a unique production Association that combines a long tradition of quality and conceptually new approaches to the solution of issues related to the production and design of new accessories for cars. These moments helped the company become one of the recognized market leaders in the segment of manufacturers of high-quality plastic deflectors and other accessories for road transport. Long-term experience of company's specialists allows you to feel sensitive to the needs of motorists and produce exactly what is needed in the market at the moment.

currently, the company is a leader in the production of following items — deflectors for all types of automotive glass, protection from sunlight and direct exposure to them, baffles the sunroof, windshield and elements that facilitate the design of the car and enhance its aerodynamic performance.

Delivery MyRacing

the Main goal of the company is to supply to the market of road accessories only high-quality products intended for use by enthusiasts and professionals. Constantly increasing as the range provided by the company in the domestic Asian market, European and American markets, and General quality of the accessories. The target market for the company has become almost the entire planet — among the regions where the products of this company, the USA and South America, Australia, the Asian region, as well as the vast majority of European countries. Official representative of the company MyRacing on the territory of Ukraine is firm Digital Designs. We offer the best selection of their accessories, always available in stock in our warehouse, at a low price.

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